G2 from Utah, 7/14/2011


Technocracy's Economy and "Innovation" Infrastructure

A friend of mine is attending the U.S.-China 2011 Forum that is for the public, businessmen and other interested parties. That conference is located at the Little America hotel in Salt Lake City.

The National Governor’s Association conference is located across the street at the Grand America. Friend tells me that the security is so tight that she hasn’t been able to get pictures. There are lots of guys with the bugs in their ears with watchful eyes.

The breakout session that she attended was called Innovation Utah and the speaker was Ted McAleen of USTAR.

From what she described, it sounds like – and their website looks like the players in the Trojan Triangle System as I have tried to describe it.

http://www.innovationutah.com    (watch the video)

USTAR - http://www.ustar.utah.edu 

SBIR/STTR Resource center



“Innovation” is a system of university-led, research and product development funded with taxpayer dollars and private money thrown it. When – if they develop something, the “chosen one” is given the venture capital to start a business in the ‘Small Business Incubator System’. It’s great scheme for a centrally planned and managed economy. It favors a few on the backs of the many.

University-Based Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

Of course American businessmen drool at the prospect of being able to sell to China. They don’t consider the other side of the equation, which is that China is buying their way into the United States – so effectively, the businessmen of this country are selling out their own grandchildren and yours of course. Thanks Pappy!

The Salt Lake Tribune has a story today about Utah Governor Gary Herbert and his “partnership” with the Chinese. Apparently, Reta Jo Lewis, from the State Department was there. the U.S. State Department’s special representative in global and intergovernmental affairs was there too.

Utah Meetings help cement U.S.-China relations

"Part of this initiative is really to continue to help us strengthen our bilateral relationships," Reta Jo Lewis, the U.S. State Department’s special representative in global and intergovernmental affairs, said in an interview

Luo Huining, governor of the Qinghai Province in western China, who signed an agreement with Herbert on Thursday to work together on trade, environment, education and energy issues, emphasized the opportunities to collaborate on high-altitude medicine and alternative energy. The province has already invested heavily in solar power, Luo said, and is working on biomass energy production.


(I wonder who is going to be the biomass)

U.S. China Daily also has a couple of stories on the conference… one of them:

Let the dealmaking begin

http://usa.chinadaily.com.cn    That’s the link to the front page so that you can see all the stories including the notice on the 90th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China.

My friend had a lot to say but I’m a lousy reporter without a tape recorder. The best for last though…

Chinatown in Salt Lake City


Look at the proposal.

And don't forget that the Huntsman robot, former governor of Utah and former Ambassador to China is running for President.

Vicky Davis
July 14, 2011