Revolution --  Devolution


The positivist (marketing BS) label for the goal of today's chaos is 'Knowledge Society'.   Many people believe that at the beginning of the new millennium, that human nature was ready to evolve to a new and higher plane of existence.  Excuse me for a moment while I go change into my white greek goddess gown....  Ok.. moving on. 

What is the Knowledge Society?   There are more concise definitions, but I loved the one I found on the Mother's Service Society Research website.  The ironies appeal to my twisted sense of humor (which may be one of the few things that can't be blamed on this global conspiracy).   The following is a description of the Society from their About page (most hyperlinks removed):

MSS Research is the social science research division of The Mother's Service Society, a non-profit organization established in Pondicherry, India in 1970. The activities of the Society are inspired by the integral philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and organized to extend and apply their vision in different fields of life.

The Society's objectives include a wide range of educational and research activities with particular emphasis on social science research in the field of socio-economic development. MSS also operates Primrose School, an experimental school for primary and secondary education affiliated to (CISCE) Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi, an education board established by Cambridge University.

Pay no attention to the fact that this is an Indian organization about India, Indian schools, and the transformation of India.   The report, "Towards a Knowledge Society" describes the same game plan that is being implemented in the United States, Canada, European Union, Australia... just everywhere.   There are only a few hundred or so working brains in the world and everybody else is brainsharing.   The reason for the brainsharing is that the same people mentioned above also believe that once human societies are in harmony (synchronized, robotic and culled of the clinkers), the harmonic hum of the hive will release us from this cocoon of earth and we will be raptured someplace... I haven't quite figured out where we're going, but it's supposed to be great.  (...want a piece of candy little girl?)

Of course the pathway to synchronicity won't be easy.  It is loaded with Instructional Enhancement Demonstrations that will have to be navigated before we reach global harmonic nirvana.  The Knowledge Society Report lays out the game plan for us (emphasis added):   



Towards a Knowledge Society

India Vision 2020

This India of your imagination is merely a dream today, but it can become a reality within the next two decades, provided the nation's intellectual, political and business leaders have the vision to perceive the country's enormous untapped human potentials and make a full and determined commitment to fully develop those potentials. Knowledge is the key to realizing this vision of India in 2020.





Reality Bites

The Knowledge Society is an Orwellian creation.  It's revolution for devolution of human society.  What the technology industry has managed to do is to create a fantasy world in which all of our problems will be solved if we just allow them to manage our resources, and to put a virtual yoke around the necks of our children and governors on their minds.  In today's complex society, will a 5th grade education comprised mostly of "worker skills" produce the desired results?   Only if you are a slave-master looking to produce a slave-class of people educated only to level of functional literacy and totally dependent upon the largess of the managed and controlled education-work system. 

Vicky Davis
November 21, 2010

P.S.  Just search on "Knowledge Society"  and you'll find lots of information about it.  Just make sure to remember that the promoters are either useful idiots or slave-masters.