Economic Warfare


India - Partnership Or Terrorist Nation?


  Blackmail, Treason, Greed Or All Three?  

On November 9, 2001   11-9    George Bush signed a trade agreement with India using terrorism as the reason for the agreement.  That makes no logical sense.  The result has been that the U.S. economy has been drained of our knowledge jobs and knowledge economy.... Silicon Valley is now in India.  How did the U.S. benefit?  Answer... we didn't. 

In the mid 90's establishment of the Indian IT sector was done surreptitiously with the assistance Harris Miller of the Information Technology Association of American (ITAA).  



Exporting Jobs


Importing Workers

  Human Bargains

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  US Agency Helps Indian Firms bag Outsourcing Contracts

US Biz Representatives Support L-1 Plan

Bush Against Scrapping H-1B Plan

IT Cos queue up for H-1B visas

Indiana Lawmaker Seeks To Curb Outsourcing By Public Agencies

Max Launches Co to Train Nurses For U.S. Jobs

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Get Set To Jet Set To Uncle Sam

H1-B Cap To Be Raised For Students

Has the H-1B Eluded You?  Try the L-1 Visa

Indian Nurses Flock to US

L-1 Facilitates Staff Transfers

No H-B Available?  Try the J1

L-1 Usage In Light of the H-1B Cap (U.S. State Dept. advise to Indians on how to come to US to take American jobs.

Short on Priests, U.S. Catholics Outsource Prayers to Indian Clergy

Westward Ho!  More Jobs, Less Visa Pains

India Demands 195k H-1B Visas

Are You Ready For Yale Scholarships?   ($1 BILLION for Indians)


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How Bad Is It? 

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Training Youth For Nation's Cause

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  Blackmail, Treason, Greed Or All Three?      
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India - Partnership Or Terrorist Nation?



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