The Libertarian Disease

Libertarianism is the ideology of the ‘Vampire Squid wrapped around the face of humanity’ as Matt Taibbi described it so beautifully some months ago.  Libertarianism is not a philosophy.  It is a sickness of the mind – a pathology. 


Is there anybody in the alternate media who doesn’t understand that the bankers financed communism in Russia?   Is there anybody who doesn’t understand that the bankers financed Hitler’s rise to power?    Is there anybody who doesn’t understand that what is happening in this country is due to the bankers?   Anybody?    


Why then, would anybody give credence to anything said by Libertarians?  Because the Bankers are LIBERTARIANS!    And anybody who believes in the ideology of Libertarianism who is not a multi-billionaire is a useful idiot – or a psychopath who cannot think beyond his or her own needs and desires.  They are sick.   And they are a danger to society. 


“Freedom” “Freedom” “Freedom” is the Siren’s Song of the Libertarians.   It’s an alluring message and it pisses me off to be forced to argue against it – but the kind of freedom that Libertarians want is the freedom for some filthy old man to have sex with children; the freedom to run con games – taking advantage of people who are not very bright – or old people whose facilities are not as sharp as they used to be; the freedom to be able to sell drugs to school children; and the important thing for most people is that the Libertarian brand of “freedom” means your slavery. 


The pattern is clear and history is repeating.  Your enslavement in a communist system takes place as an iterative process of the breakdown of society and rules of organization.  The way it works is that the Bankers succeed at breaking down the rules for how they should do business as a public service.  Then they “relentlessly jam their blood funnel into anything that smells like money” – draining the economy of operating capital.  As people lose their jobs and businesses, society breaks down as people struggle to survive.  The longer it goes on, the more mean and hateful society gets.  Corruption becomes endemic.  It becomes unsafe to live around large groups of people.  That’s when the Libertarians are at the peak of their power as the ordinary people cry out for “Freedom” and demand even more breakdown of the organization of society. 


When the bankers drain the economy of money, the government struggles to survive as well.  It becomes corrupt and mimics the banks – jamming it’s blood funnel into anything that smells like money.  This puts ordinary people under siege from all sides and that makes the Siren’s song all the more alluring.  As society breaks down, and the government struggles, the police state builds and oppression becomes the norm.  And in order for some kind of civilized society to survive, communism is implemented – “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”.   And when that happens, you become the permanent slave of the bankers. 


And that’s why I’m arguing against ‘freedom’ – because freedom is slavery.  Libertarianism is early onset Communism.    And what set me off this morning is that the Libertarian psychopaths at the Mises Institute are debating whether or not to change the language of their con game.  Read the article so that you will know the tactics and the strategy because the next phase of your enslavement is about to begin.


Vicky Davis
April 8, 2010



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