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Fusion Centers  -  Part 3

On July 15, 1996, as a result of the work performed by the Critical Infrastructure Working Group (CIWG), chaired by Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, President William J. Clinton signed Executive Order 13010.  This Order established the President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection (PCCIP) and we've been waving goodbye to freedom in America ever since.  It set off a chain of activity for a cyber security blanket morphing into physical infrastructure with embedded cyber security blanket, morphing into economic "sector leadership" organizations all of which becomes effectively the forces of a coup d'etat on the United States - and the world because this "security" beast is global - not local.    

What is critical infrastructure?   Just about everything except residential neighborhoods but the private sector partners will eventually take care of smothering those under a "security blanket" too. 

In general, the Executive Order detailed eight categories of critical infrastructures: telecommunications; electrical power systems; gas and oil storage and transportation; banking and finance; transportation; water supply systems; emergency services (including medical, police, fire, and rescue); and continuity of government.

It also spawned the beginning of a massive new bureaucracy charged with the twin missions of security and emergency operations.  


Structure Established by EO 13010

Source:  White House Overview Briefing, June 1997, Page 5


It's important to know who the players are who gave life to this beast because this beast is communism - collectivism same thing.  Their objective was control of our critical infrastructure which by definition means control of the country.  If they were truly interested in securing the country from cyber warfare, terrorism, etc., the leaders of the country would have voted to get out of NAFTA and the WTO.  They could have immediately closed the borders until they could get security systems in place to keep out the bad guys and most importantly, they would have protected critical infrastructure by ensuring that they could go to manual systems - shutting down the computer systems and still be able to run.  Rather than do that, they made plans to ensure that everything was on the same system and that they "share" security information - not just in this country, but internationally.   That's like telling a secret to 3 billion of our closest friends - over a loudspeaker in an audience of hostiles.  Who could possibly fall for this kind of stupidity?   How about some senile old men in the Congress who probably couldn't even stay awake during briefings and hearings but who were wide awake when the stock tips and payola were passed out.  Same thing with the Military leadership.     

Richard Clarke, National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection and Counter-Terrorism, May 16, 2000.

The second thing I'd like to challenge you to think about as a group and give us advice on is Information Sharing. We've been able to establish an Information Sharing Center for the banking industry. Thirteen banks representing almost 80 percent of the assets of the United States formed a limited liability corporation and formed a computer defense center, which SAIC is managing. We're trying to get other sectors of the economy to do that as well. The NCC has become, in effect, a telecom center, similar to the banking and finance center.

I haven't looked for all of the sector organizations yet, but here are some others:  

Sheriffs Organization - Speak with One Voice... (think with One Brain - and it's not the Sheriff's.).

Sheriff's "Partnership for Critical Infrastructure"

Information Technology Sector Coordinating Council

National Electric Sector Cybersecurity Organization

And what do you suppose the Health Information Exchange is if not a creation of a health insurance  sector cybersecurity organization?   It fits the profile - sector specific, collectivized system for health insurers and health insurance subscribers.


According to Guy Copeland, Industry Executive Subcommittee Working Group Chairman at the same NSTAC conference

In addition, NSTAC member representatives have responded to an unprecedented number of Government requests to participate and share information with such important fora as the Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Security, a cross-sector coordinating effort for which Mr. Richard Clarke of the National Security Council and Mr. John Tritak of the Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office deserve credit.

Also, the Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office itself. The Presidentís Council on Year 2000 convergence, the National Infrastructure Protection Center led by Mr. Mike Vatis, the Education and Awareness Committee so ably chaired by the Department of Commerce. The efforts of the three Information and Communication Sector Coordinators, the Information Technology Association of America [ITAA], the United States Telecom Association [USTA], and the Telecommunications Industry Association [TIA].

(In the old days, sometimes you'd arrive at the movies in the middle - so you'd have to watch from the midpoint and then through the start of the next showing until you arrive at the point where you came in...)

This is where I came...

In 1999, Harris Miller was the CEO of ITAA and WITSA.   Harris miller is a maggot-filled, dung-eating cockroach aka the anti-christ of outsourcing, who is a traitor to this nation.

(My Benedict Arnold Page - not finished - but Miller is there)

While he was working with the "cybersecurity" crew at the heart of our government, talking up "shortages"  of IT professionals, he had been working with the Indians since 1995 no doubt advising them on the strategy to takeover the American IT market.  Harris Miller is not a technology specialist, he is an immigration lawyer.

When I first started researching, the members of Congress had a virtual open door policy for Indians.  It was the first time I realized that our congress was for sale - not only domestically, but they were being bought by foreign interests as well:

Joseph Crowley - India PAC

So how do you suppose that a maggot like Harris Miller got to be an insider in what should have been the most highly classified meetings and strategy sessions our country could possibly have?   Perhaps this might explain it:

Reciprocity has been a goal of the personnel security system for at least a decade.  The expectation is that standardized national policies and procedures should result in uniform personnel security products that are interchangeable regardless of the issuing agency.  The policy as stated in National Security Directive 63 is that investigations and clearance eligibility determinations that meet national scope and standards are transferable and, according to Executive Order 12968, "shall be mutually and reciprocally accepted by all agencies"....   Reciprocity:  A Progress Report, James A. Riedel, Director

And why didn't the FBI investigate when Harris Miller was working with the Indians?  Could it have been Jamie Gorelick's FISA Memo

Back to the original story -

Appointments to the President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection and related Committees were made between 1997 and 1998

Steering Committee Appointments - July 11, 1997

Attorney General Janet Reno
Donald Gipps
Brigadier General Donald Kerrick
John Hamre  (August 1997)

[Note:  Apparently, Clinton initially appointed Sandy Berger and Jamie Gorelick, Deputy Attorney General to serve as members of the Steering Committee but Gorelick became Vice Chairman of Fannie Mae in 1997 (1997-2003 serving with Franklin Raines) so she was then appointed to the Advisory Committee.  Source 1997 Press Release

Advisory Committee

Ms. Jamie Gorelick, Co-Chair

Ms. Maurice Greenberg

Ms. Margaret Greene

Mr. Erle Nye

Mr. Floyd Emerson Wick

Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton

Senator Sam Nunn, Co-Chair

Mr. David Campbell

Mr. Charles Lee

Mr. Elvin Moon

Mr. Norman Mineta


Dr. Jeffrey Jaffe

Mr. Joseph Holmes

Mr. Robert Baxter

Mr. Mort Topfer

Mr. Jerome Davis

Dr. Robert Berdahl


Oh...  I almost forgot to mention that CIAO is the Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office (CIAO).  It's another bureaucratic spawn of this beast system.   I'll have to get to it next time because even typing the name of the Outsourcing Anti-Christ makes me sick to my stomach. 


Vicky Davis
May 1, 2013    -    very appropriately posted on Commie Day