Interagency:  The Man in the Middle 


I'm overwhelmed.  I don't know how to write this so I'm just giving some links.  I already knew the magnitude of what was taking place in our country but at various points in this research, it hits me all over again. 

I've been looking at fusion centers because they are apparently going to build one - or they are in the process of building one in Twin Falls.   I found the Commission in Idaho that is coordinating them.  The members of the Commission include prosecutors, public defenders, judges, police - state and local, sheriffs and state officials including the Attorney General's office and the Governor's office,- all representatives of the entire power structure of the state. 

I was going back through all of the material on fusion centers that I'd collected when Amanda Teegarden of OK-Safe was working on her pointpoint for a conference and I saw a reference to a Presidential Decision Directive. It must have been PDD-62.  PDD-62 references PDD-63. 

PDD-62 Fact Sheet  with an unclassified extract of the Order -  notice the date, 1998

PDD-63 Fact Sheet  1998 

PDD-63 text  -  Critical Infrastructure Protection  

PDD-63 White Paper 1998  *** very important ***  


A couple of years ago, there was a conference on the Triple Helix in Oklahoma.  Amanda found it and sent links to me about it.   The Swedish Triple Helix model is what I'd been describing as a Trojan Triangle.  (Note:  that would be very creepy except that I'm an Analyst and part of the job of an Analyst is to document systems as a prerequisite to changing them so I was just documenting the elements as I saw them). 


If you do a search on the Triple Helix, you will find information that is specific to the Colleges of the Universities, Industry Sectors and Agencies of Government because every institution of government and the private sector can be joined in a helix - or trojan triangle as I called it. 

One of the papers that I found (or Amanda found) was the Leydesdorff and Martin paper on the Triple Helix for Scientometrics.   It's a very important paper in terms of the Triple Helix for Critical Infrastructure because it defines the political and economic problems that were inherent for the government takeover of our critical infrastructure to create the Panopticon.  

Every systems problem, whether it be variables or processes, derives from the inherent problem of merging systems from (formerly) opposing forces.  Said another way, Systems are designed from a perspective of the institution building the system.  When you are merging systems designed from different perspectives, the systems problems correlate to political problems of the merger.  The Triple Helix is about the conversion of system to a fascist system of technocratic control.   

The Triple Helix of University-Industry-Government Relations by Loet Leydesdorff and Martin Meyer



Vicky Davis
April 13, 2013

H.R. 5005       -  To Establish the Department of Homescam Security  -  The Technocratic Coup d'etat     
Florida Terrorism Protection Manual,  dated 2003

GEMINI - 1996

Global Infrastructure Report