Terrorism By Design

Last night, C-Span broadcast the first Congressional Hearing on the Boston Marathon episode in the continuing drama series "Terrorism in America".   Anybody with an IQ over 80 couldn't fail to understand the Boston event was a test of the emergency - first responder systems effectiveness along with the Fusion Center information sharing systems.   Not everything went perfectly, but they all did "a great job" and the money coming from the Feds is what really made the difference in Boston First Responders performance.    

Boston Marathon Bombing - Part 1
May 9, 2013
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If you recall, on April 8, I posted a webpage titled, Homescam Unveiled in which I noted the fact that the Homescam Security Department budget was up for renewal and that their program of Fusion Centers was being criticized as not having the desired result of catching terrorists.  And as we know, there is a terrorist behind every bush in America so they should be really easy to find. 

The Boston Marathon "bombing" event was on April 15th.   The mad bombers allegedly used pressure cookers filled with nails and screws.  You have to love the symbolism of all that. 

As you can see from my website, I've been working on this story for a long time - knowing that it all revolves around computer systems and the criminality of government partnering with corporations - changing our form of government to a fascist system.  My recent research - looking into Clinton's initiative for "Critical Infrastructure Protection" brings it all together.  Here's the rundown:

Ira Magaziner was a university radical in the 1960's.  He became a Systems Analyst for the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) along with Benjamin Netanyahu and Mitt Romney.  Magaziner has a penchant for big systems design.  I came across Magaziner's name when I was researching "reforms" in the health care system.  He was the designer for Hillary Care (aka Obama Care).  Of course I did quite a lot of research on him because he speaks my language.

There are a number of significant things to know about Ira Magaziner besides the above.  When he worked for BCG, the company was hired to do a study of the Swedish economy to aid them in developing an industrial policy and Ira Magaziner got the assignment. Following that, he formed his own company named, "Telesis" and he was hired by the Rhode Island state Strategic Development Commission.  In a report titled, the Greenhouse Compact, he described the design of a new economic system for Rhode Island - centered around the concept of the Research Triangle which is where I got the notion for naming the structure and system that I was seeing built in Meridian Idaho, "Trojan Triangle".  Rhode Island voters got the opportunity to vote on the new economic system designed by Magaziner and they soundly rejected it. 

A couple of years ago, there was an economic development conference in Oklahoma that my very alert friend and part-time research partner, Amanda Teegarden of OK-SAFE found.  One of the presentations given at the conference was on the Swedish Triple Helix.   The Swedish Triple Helix is Ira Magaziner's design.  The graphic may not be attributed to him, but the elements of the design are his.  They are also the elements of the structure that I described as a Trojan Triangle.  The Trojan Triangle System is being implemented all across our country everywhere there is a university or community college. 

Swedish Triple Helix - aka Trojan Triangle

The above graphic was found in a presentation on renewable energy that was posted on the Michigan State website (retrieved from the Internet Archives).  A copy of it was downloaded just in case this one disappears:


As it turns out, Michigan's economic plan was the subject of the economic development conference in Oklahoma where the Swedish Triple Helix was the subject of a presentation by St. Gregory University President, Greg Main:

Strategy:  Why it Matters and How to do it


Today's revelation and the reason I am writing this is because I realized that Ira Magaziner designed this system as a national industrial policy which would never have gone over in the United States.  The people would have rejected it the same way that the Rhode Islanders rejected it.  So what the Clinton Administration did was to simply re-style the design as a system for 'Critical Infrastructure Protection'  which was allegedly required for "terrorism" and the implementation of it is being done under the auspices of national security through the Department of Homescam Security.

The universities are the leading actors and beneficiaries of this system.  They import the terror actors through their foreign student programs.  If the school is not really a desirable school like the community college in Twin Falls, the foreign students are imported through a refugee program. 

As long as the money keeps flowing to build the technocratic Trojan Triangle economic system - which means full automation of the infrastructure (police state surveillance) and Systems of control, there won't be any "terrorist" events.  When the money runs low and public sentiment goes against the economic plan, then you have a terrorist event - like the so-called bombing event in Boston.  It should be noted that just because the events are staged, doesn't mean that people don't get hurt but they are just collateral damage in a game where there are bigger stakes involved.

Vicky Davis
May 10, 2013