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On April 5, 2011, C-Span broadcast a press conference of Rep. Paul Ryan and a gaggle of republicans unveiling their long-term budget plan, The Path to Prosperity.  It was just a lucky catch for me to have seen it because I was visiting with family and the groans when I have the TV tuned to C-Span are deafening so I don't get to see much during visits.  The press conference was pretty much the standard script - "we're great... we'll fix everything; democrats suck... and they will put us on the path to hell" - that is up until the point at 27 minutes and 26 seconds into the program when Paul Ryan said, "this is why Alice Rivlin and I put out a plan... to deal with Medicare and Medicaid....."   WHAT?   "This Path to Prosperity  builds upon those Rivlin-Ryan Plans".     WHOA! ballgame.

One of these days I'll have to add Alice Rivlin to my viper's nest webpage with a full profile but for the moment, suffice it to say that Alice Rivlin was the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) during the Clinton-Gore "reinvention of government" and the OMB was the lead agency in charge.  After issuing the implementation memo to agency heads authorizing the integration of government systems and setting up the project infrastructure, she went to work as co-chairman of the Federal Reserve with Alan Greenspan - no doubt so that she could run the project from that side of the table.   

Since the "republican" plan that Paul Ryan unveiled is primarily about redesigning Medicare and Medicaid access, and considering who his partner was in the design, the Path to Prosperity must be considered a continuation of the Clinton-Gore reinvention of government project.  If you listen to what Ryan says and you read what I've written about the redesign of our health care system beginning with the nationalization of medical records, you'll see that the focus of the Rivlin-Ryan plan is simply a new phase of implementation of the Hillary Care plan (Ira Magaziner's plan) from 1993.  And in fact, when Congressman Todd Young (IN) speaks, he says that this is "building on" the welfare reform of the 1990's which was also part of the "reinvention of government".  

Representative Todd Young, (IN):   Click HERE to start the mp3 recording of Young

The basic concept of their presentation is the same old tired game... "you can have THIS choice... or THAT choice harkening back many other reports from the same project with the same strategy of false choice.  If you get the same thing regardless of what you choose, then there were no real options presented.  By way of example look at the following charts in Paul Ryan's report. 


Paul Ryan - Two Futures  -  Notice he says that our WWII debt was owed to ourselves...

Click HERE to start the mp3 recording of Paul Ryan


                                  Path to Prosperity - Page 17
                                  Path to Prosperity - Page 19

                                  Path to Prosperity - Page 21
                                   Path to Prosperity - Page 7


Paul Ryan then tries to take the high moral ground....      Click HERE to hear him. 

But let's take a look at this - especially the one 'Who owns our debt?'   In 1970, our country was very prosperous - finding a job was no problem.  By 1990, China had a very large percentage of our debt.   How did that happen?   Who was selling to them pre- 1990?    Between 1990 and 2010, the foreign holdings increased by 28% - $6 trillion.   Does Paul Ryan's budget address that problem?  Not at all.  Here is how Paul Ryan defines the problem:


Path to Prosperity - Page 13

The three largest entitlement programs are Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Congress created these programs in the middle decades of the last century in response to a problem that has preoccupied American lawmakers for over a century: How can government best preserve the freedom to risk and to dare, in pursuit of dreams large and small, while providing a safety net for those citizens who meet with misfortune along the way?

For decades, seniors have been able to rely on Social Security and Medicare for their basic retirement needs, while Medicaid has sought to ensure that low-income Americans would not go without essential health care. But Americans will not be able to rely on these programs for much longer unless Congress repairs and reforms them. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid all face structural problems that are driving them and the country into bankruptcy.

Key Components of Ryan's Plan:
Path to Prosperity - Page 6

Prioritizing National Security

Streamlining Govt. Agencies

Ending Corporate Welfare

Boosting Energy Resources

Changing DC Spending Culture

Repairing "Broken" Medicaid

Consolidation of Job Training Programs

Saving Medicare and "advancing" Soc. Sec. solutions

Individual and Corporate Tax Reform

                                                                Path to Prosperity - Page 12
The real target of Paul Ryan's budget is the health care system and in particular health care insurance.  He tries to make it sound like he is "fixing" it when in fact, all he is doing is advancing the project.  Listen to this audio clip of the Q & A session where he says that they are proposing a premium support system rather than a voucher system (as if there is a difference - except that once in place, the premium support could be provided by third parties.  Who might those third parties be?   Big Pharma and medical research facilities that want to buy a population for medical research.  Perhaps foreign corporations that also want to do genetic engineering - or simply engage population attrition to make room for their own excess populations (reference - poisoned and fake drugs from China and India). 
Paul Ryan - Premium Support:  Click HERE to listen to Paul Ryan explain    

On the same day that Ryan did his unveiling with the gaggle of republicans at a press conference, he also gave a presentation at the American Enterprise Institute.  During the Q & A session on this one, he reveals the actual plan for corporate and individual tax reform.  They plan to "decouple" health insurance from employment - meaning that everybody will become an individual purchaser of health insurance.  

AEI - Q & A Question - decoupling health insurance from employment:  Click HERE to listen to Paul Ryan    


The Rest of the Story

I've been alert to "health care reform" since 2007 when I watched representatives from IBM and MAYO Clinic give a presentation to the National Governor's Association on the concepts of the "reformed" health care system which is designed for applied genetics research, euphemistically called "personalized medicine".   I traced the history which for the purposes of this discussion began in 1990 when Senator John Glenn, Chairman of the Government Affairs Committee asked the GAO to do a study on the benefits of automation of medical records.   And I've documented the building of it - phase by phase so when I found the Idaho Health Data Exchange, I was informationally prepared for it.  And then I found an article about the Health and Human Services contracts for health information exchanges which show government funding to create a Nationwide Health Information Network (nationalized electronic medical records).  And then a good friend in Oklahoma sent me the plan for the 'Oklahoma Health Insurance Exchange'.  The diagram below is page 18 of the plan:

The best way to understand the system they are setting up is to read Alain Enthoven's History and Principles of Managed Competition written in 1993 because that is essentially the system depicted in the logical diagram above.  There are some slight differences but they are insignificant to the process as a whole.  They tried to get it put into law in 1992, but the Ira Magaziner and Hillary Clinton health reform circus slowed up the project.

Basically, managed competition is managed risk distribution.  Paul Ryan's proposal for "premium support" provides the opportunity for third parties to buy down premium rates offered to select subscribers in order to steer them into the purchase of particular insurance packages - and in that way, allowing third parties to effectively purchase populations of subscribers meeting some demographic specification for whatever purpose. (monetizing poor and sick people by securitizing them.  And why not?   They are selling our country out from under us - now they are going to sell your body for medical science.)

Notice in the center blue box, WEDI Proposed Standard ID Card:   Implementation Guide   It's a national ID card - even better than Real ID because you don't have to be a driver to get one.  Even babies will have their WEDI Card.  The SmartCard Alliance will see to it. 

Here is information from Iowa:  Health Benefit Exchange

And here is information on California's Health Information Exchange - that doesn't just apply to California:

Do you see the last one?   The U.S. Treasury will pay the subsidy?   Now... go back and listen to Paul Ryan's presentation again about all the great and wonderful things that will happen if only they are able to implement his budget plan which includes this critical piece of what is strategic covert war on the American people - 21st Century Manhattan Project:  Real Time Biomedical Research on Human Populations.

Do you think I'm really "out there"?

Take a gander at this slide presentation by G. Steven Burrill, Venture Capitalist  (note:  large pdf.  I had a problem opening it online but I could download it and then open it - so try that if you have a problem)


So you see, the only real choice that Americans have is to get rid of the corporate controlled sluts in Congress.  The systems that are being implemented are getting more and more complex.  The workings of them are behind the scenes and the people who are controlling our government have proven that they cannot be trusted to do the right thing for the American people.  In fact, their track record is that they are doing everything possible to destroy us - smiling at you and telling you fairy tales while they stab you in the back. 

Vicky Davis, Computer Systems Analyst
April 10, 2011