Sovereign Wealth Funds - Greece and Idaho

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Rather obviously, what follows is analysis - theory - pattern matching. 

On the Alex Jones program June 16, 2011, he had Max Keiser as the guest. They were talking about Greece and American investors (slithering snake Steve Forbes being one) going over there to pick the bones - and buy up Greek assets. They were accompanied by the Chamber of Commerce.

You can listen to the interview with Max Keiser in the archives -   2nd hour about 33 minutes into it

What is happening in Greece with the Chamber of Commerce taking investors on buying trips is EXACTLY the same thing that is happening to Idaho... but with COMMUNIST Chinese investors coming over here facilitated by the Chamber of Commerce, to pick our bones.

I do think I have the whole picture - or at least pretty damn close to it.

Policy is Metropolis. The strategy is focused investment - and circus - modernizing for the future - infrastructure projects, development and lots of money. They create an environment, get the city officials to build all kinds of infrastructure - and then the development circus leaves... leaving the city with a huge debt, crumbling economy... and then the Chamber of Commerce brings in "foreign direct investment" to buy up the broke and bankrupt businesses - including city assets.

The strategy is exactly what I said it was... CRISS CROSS --- DOUBLE CROSS.

They've set up a reciprocal investment con game. So.. American investors are buying up Greece. Chinese investors are buying up America.  (Actually I think it's a triangle - Country A invests in Country B, Country B invests in C.  Country C invests in Country A  -  and they all collapse and the money mafia cleans up on the assets.) 

Somebody mentioned yesterday, sovereign investment funds - and I think that's probably right. Investment funds to BREAK sovereignty using the multinational investor rights under the WTO and NAFTA agreements.

Also, Alex Jones talked about the taxpayers building a race car track for some wealthy family. It's not only happening in Austin. There is a plan for the economic development - clusters and supply chains - sports comes under the "entertainment" cluster category. The star story also has a sports player involved. Some guy from the Miami Dolphins was an investor in Avimor in Star... Wayne Huiezgna? Something like that. I think he was building a golf course - and I think he was planning on having a training camp of some kind - education for the cluster.

The development plan is cookie cutter.


This is NOT theory... this is the chain of events in the implementation of regionalism in the Boise area. 

I'm posting my Star story which preceded the Trojan Triangles research even though I'm not finished with it. It has enough of the story to give you the idea. And by the way, SunCor is a key player in the story even though I haven't expanded it yet.

The Falling Star

Here is my earlier research that I haven't incorporated into the updated story. 

I don't know how many of the above links are broken but I'll be fixing in the next few days.

Vicky Davis
June 16, 2011