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Workforce Investment Act




   From a chronology of education system reforms: 


Workforce Investment Act  of 1998   H.R. 1385

The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 provides the framework for a unique national workforce preparation and employment system designed to meet both the needs of the nation’s businesses and the needs of job seekers and those who want to further their careers…[12]  [ In other words - supply chain management of the labor force and]

The most important aspect of the Act is its focus on meeting the needs of businesses for skilled workers and the training, education, and employment needs of individuals. Key components of the Act will enable customers to easily access the information and services they need through the "One-Stop" system; empower adults to obtain the training they find most appropriate through Individual Training Accounts, and ensure that all State and local programs meet customer expectations.[13]

[ Note: the One-Stop system is the integration of the education system and the workforce development system.  This is the control mechanism that will be used to plan and manage the labor force for the centrally planned economy'.]  

Designing and Managing the New System[14]

Several new features are included in the law to ensure the full involvement of business, labor, and community organizations in designing and ensuring the quality of the new workforce investment system. These include State and local workforce investment boards, local youth councils, and long-term State strategic planning.

State and Local Workforce Investment Boards

Each State will establish both State and local workforce investment boards. The State board will help the Governor develop a five-year strategic plan describing statewide workforce development activities, explaining how the requirements of the Act will be implemented, and outlining how special population groups will be served. The plan which must also include details about how local Employment Service/Job Service activities fit into the new service delivery structure must be submitted to the Secretary of Labor. The state board will advise the Governor on ways to develop the statewide workforce investment system and a statewide labor market information system. The state board will also help the Governor monitor statewide activities and report to the Secretary of Labor.

Local workforce investment boards, in partnership with local elected officials, will plan and oversee the local system. Local plans will be submitted for the Governor’s approval. Local boards designate "One-Stop" operators and identify providers of training services, monitor system performance against established performance measures, negotiate local performance measures with the state board and the Governor, and help develop the labor market

In a letter that MarcTucker of the National Center for Education and the Economy wrote to Hillary Clinton, he said that the employer listing of jobs in the national system would have to be mandatory for this to all work - and he is right.  From a computer systems point of view - the only way the system would work is for all employers and all workers to use the system.  This letter was put into the Congressional Record by Congressman Bob Schaeffer (R-CO) on September 17, 1998. 

Excerpt from the letter:

“The employment Service is greatly upgraded and separated from the Unemployment Insurance Fund.  All available frontline jobs--whether public or private must be listed in it by law.”  

News Analysis by Jim Day of the St. Louis Metro Voice:

Hillary's Global Village and the New World Order are Officially Instituted by Congress

"Again, due to the fact that no roll call vote was taken, no one knows how many other, if any, congressmen were present at the time of the vote. These 11 men and President Clinton have just created and signed into law legislation which converts America's free market economic system to a controlled or managed market system -- the same type of economic system which was established by Nazi Germany. "

And in fact, when you look at the what is happening to the Boise area and at the organizations involved, and the nature of the activities of the organizations involved, there can be no dispute with what Jim Day's analysis and his analysis concurs with the analysis of Idaho Eagle Forum and many other organizations involved in education issues. 



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