Marc Tucker - Letter to Hillary

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In 1998, Congressman Bob Schaeffer of Colorado read a letter from Marc Tucker, President of the National Center on Education and the Economy to Hillary Clinton, wife of the new elected President Bill Clinton.  This letter describes the design for a ‘seamless web’ - “cradle-to-grave” government system for the management of “human resources’.   The importance of this letter is that he describes the system in enough detail for critical readers to be able to understand the concepts which are control of the population - not education.  


 The following are excerpts from his letter:


“The subject were were discussing was what you and Bill should do now about education, training and labor policy”.  


“We took a very large leap forward in terms of how to advance the agenda on which you and we have all been working--a practical plan for putting all the major components of the system in place within four years”.


“We think the great opportunity you have is to remold the entire American System for human resources development…”


“First, a vision of the kind of national--not federal--human resources development system the nation could have.  This is interwoven with a new approach to governing that should inform that vision.  What is essential is that we create a seamless web of opportunities to develop one’s skills that literally extends from cradle to grave and is the same system for everyone--young and old, poor and rich, worker and full-time student”. 


…four high priority packages…the first would use your proposal for an apprenticeship system as the keystone of a strategy for putting a whole new postsecondary training system in place”.


“A seamless system of unending skill development that begins in the home with the very young and continues through school, postsecondary education and the workplace”.


“We have a national system of education in which curriculum, pedagogy, examinations, teacher education and licensure systems are all linked to the national standards”. 


“The employment Service is greatly upgraded and separated from the Unemployment Insurance Fund.  All available frontline jobs--whether public or private must be listed in it by law.”  


“As soon as the first set of states in engaged, another set would be invited to participate, until most or all states are involved.  It is a collaborative design, rollout and scale-up program”.


Think about it… “cradle-to-grave”.  That means government management of family, school, and work - and everything in between.  And in fact, the system that Tucker describes in his letter does manage all those arenas.  And in fact, the school ‘reform’ over the last 22 years has been positioning (phased development) for the very system that Tucker described.  Succinctly, it is a system that compiles a life history of a ‘human resource’ from the time the ‘resource’ is in the womb until we bury it. 

It is a control system.  The control mechanism is simple.  It's your ability to make a living.   This is America and it is supposed to be a free country right?  Can you be free if there is a government “management” - meaning information and control - tracking your every move for your entire life - and that system determines your ability to make a living?   Can money - a paycheck - be used as a mechanism of control?  Obviously.

The system they are talking about is comprised of  your personal records - including prenatal, home life, preschool, school, medical records - including sociological assessments, psychological assessments, physical assessments, tests and results, employer assessments, school disciplinary actions, police records, IQ tests, grades - absolutely everything about you, said by everybody and anybody who comes into contact with you, for your entire lifetime - and all of these records will be used to determine your ‘suitability’ for employment in a government run ‘jobs bank’ system.     If you are not by now asking yourself, 'What country am I living in?', then you aren’t understanding the system yet.