Everything is 'For Sale' in America

For the last two years, I've sounded the alarm at every opportunity telling you that the "reforms" that were planned for the health care system included using the American population for medical research.  The whole purpose for the nationalized electronic medical records since the inception of the idea in 1990 was for medical research.  The cover letter for the GAO study of the "benefits" of a nationalized medical records system commissioned by Senator John Glenn, Chairman of the Government Affairs Committee, began:

Dear Mr. Chairman:

In response to your request of December 4,1990, we are reporting to you the results of our review of automated medical records. The report discusses the potential benefits that automation could make to the quality of patient care and the. factors that impede its use. We are making recommendations to the Secretary of Health and Human Services to support automated medical records as part of the Department’s mandate to conduct research on outcomes of health care services.

Despite what the propagandizing proponents of nationalized medical records will tell you, at the time Senator Glenn made this request, they already had enough information from the patient claims history to perform statistical analysis on both Medicare and Medicaid patients and they had relationships with all of the health insurers such that they could get non-personalized, claims history on privately insured people for the same purpose.   So the only reason then - and the reason now for electronic access to a person's entire medical record is to allow people to be used as guinea pigs for medical research (experimentation) and specifically genetic research which they have euphemistically named "personalized medicine"

With the entire medical record available in electronic form and with the federal government intrusion into the health care system through the "health care reforms", the government is setting up the American population to receive experimental treatments that won't necessarily be known to the patients.  In effect, they are setting up another Tuskeegee Experiment on a national level for GENETIC research.

Probably few if anybody read to the bottom of the paper I did titled, "The Human Genome Project", but at the bottom of that paper beginning on page 25, I traced the links of a drug research project that was providing data to the Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP - see the lawsuit) because the research project was being performed by a private, prepaid health plan (HMO).   I found it rather disturbing that an HMO which by definition has no oversight on what care they provide to patients, would be doing a drug research project.  In tracing those links, I found the HMO Research Network that has the following as a mission:

"The HMO Research Network is an organization of HMO research programs whose mission is to use our collective scientific capabilities to integrate research and practice for the improvement of health and health care among diverse populations." 

Did you get that?    INTEGRATE research and practice.    repeat    INTEGRATE research and practice.

I point that out because I don't want anybody to suffer under the delusion that just because they have private insurance that they would be excluded from a national genetic experiment via the normal channels of health care.  You won't know.  And most doctors won't tell you because the design of the health care reforms will give financial incentives - and disincentives to doctors to cooperate with the game plan. 

The reason I wrote this commentary this morning is because on the C-Span website, I found a link to a very brief piece of legislation that proves to you what I've been saying about the reforms being to design a national system for genetic research.  It is a republican bill with the names Kyl and McConnell on it.   Item two of the legislation.  

(2) shall ensure that comparative effectiveness research conducted or supported by the Federal Government accounts for factors contributing to differences in the treatment response and treatment preferences of patients, including patient-reported outcomes, genomics and personalized medicine, the unique needs of health disparity populations, and in direct patient benefits.


One more thought for you... the government has destroyed our economy through trade policy.  In effect, they've sold American businesses out from under American citizens.  They have imported foreigners to do the jobs that Americans should have.   What else is there to sell that is American? How about your body for medical science?    Think about it. 


Vicky Davis
June 17, 2009

Department of Health and Human Services:  Identifying Services that could be provided by a Health Information Network Service Provider

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Update 6/21/2009

email grapevine:

Someone in our group sent this to me.  The pdf is 30 pages long; in addition to the globalist plotting and scheming is one plenary session of Genomics; Toward a Revolution.
"Optimizing healthcare" may be the euphemism for treating some patients and not treating others.  For profit, of course.


Genomics: Towards a Revolution

In collaboration with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Génome Québec

15 : 00

Room Mont-Royal / Hampstead / Côte-St-Luc

Genomics is revolutionizing medicine through the development of new medications

and increasingly complex diagnostic tests. This research area is also a catalyst for

economic development, as it contributes significantly to many industries, including

biotechnology and pharmaceutical research, chemistry, energy, agriculture and

forestry. How does genomics facilitate the optimizing of healthcare? What are the

most promising industrial applications? How can we reconcile the speedy development

of a genomics economy with the principles of governance and ethics? How can

genomics help us fight pandemics?


• Bartha-Maria Knoppers, Full Professor, Law Faculty, Université de Montréal


• Hans d’Orville, Assistant Director-General for Strategic Planning, UNESCO


• Luc Montagnier, President, World Foundation Aids Research and Prevention

and 2008 Nobel Prize co-Laureate for Medicine

Invited Speakers:

• G. Steven Burrill, President & CEO, Burrill & Company

• Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif, Director, The Montreal Heart Institute (MHI)

• Dr. Adolfo Martinez-Palomo, Chairperson, International Bioethics Committee, UNESCO

Comments and conclusion:

• Michèle S. Jean, President, Canadian Commission for UNESCO


Today marked the first day of the four-day Conference of Montreal entitled “Adapting to a New World Order.”


MONTREAL — Today marked the first day of the four-day Conference of Montreal, this year entitled “Adapting to a New World Order.” Present at the conference is a who’s who of international finance and politics, including the heads of the World Bank and the IMF, Presidents, Prime Ministers. This is the fifteenth anniversary of the Conference of Montreal. The conference is taking place at the Bonaventure Hilton in downtown Montreal until Thursday. According to reporters today’s meetings dealt mostly with the economic crisis and what strategies should be employed to deal with it. One of the reporters gave a schedule for the next four days and on Wednesday there is a Luncheon at noon entitled “The Americas and the New World Order” headlined by Madeleine Albright which may or may not be a discussion of the North American Union. The descriptive blurb in the schedule describes it thusly: “How can the Americas make changes to play their part in the establishment of a more stable, and fair, basis for international prosperity?”

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