Last Sunday, on Air American, a guest on the Cynthia Black program was there to talk about the North American Union.   He made a comment that the NAFTA Superhighway (aka Trans-Texas corridor) was primarily a project of private enterprise and that our government hasn't spent much money on it.  I took issue. 
The first reference I found (so far) to the international corridor system was in the
Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991
On December 18, 1991, the President signed the Intermodal
Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 providing
authorizations for highways, highway safety, and mass
transportation for the next 6 years.  Total funding of about $155
billion will be available in fiscal years (FY) 1992-1997
. (See
authorization table on pages 38-41 for a summary of funding by
more info here regarding what that money went for  -
Isn't this a violation of the U.S. Constitution?   I think it is -
In 2001, Senator John McCain placed into the congressional record an itemized list changes to the transportation committee budget legislation by the appropriations committee.  Study the spreadsheet for a few minutes and you will see how much of your tax dollars went to the international corridor project - as a big pot of money:
And while you are there - don't forget to read about Mexico's blackmail of the U.S. using the NAFTA tribunal (kangaroo court) regarding opening our borders to Mexican trucks.
Then take a look at how your tax dollars are being used to build Mexican infrastructure.  So not only are you paying the social costs for the illegal Mexican invasion, you are building their infrastructure in their home country.
Over the past year, the U.S. Trade & Development Agency (USTDA) provided grant and project development funding for 12 priority activities in Mexico, ranging in scope from airport modernization to venture capital industry development, water/waste systems, intelligent transportation networks and housing finance. Through P4P, USTDA continues promoting Mexico’s infrastructure, transportation, and financial service sectors through feasibility studies and technical assistance grants.
And every job in this country that is being held by a foreign national whether legally or illegally is costing you money - one way or the other.  For the low end jobs, you are paying for food stamps, medical care and the education of their children.  You are paying for the costs to incarcerate criminal aliens.  And the $20 billion or so that they send home to Mexico every year comes out of your pocket too - because you pick up the social costs for the Americans who aren't able to find jobs.  You are paying for the U.S. Border Patrol that is prevented from doing the job of protecting our borders.  
For the high end jobs being held by imported foreigners, you are paying the costs for the American citizens who now either don't have jobs - or have been forced into lower level jobs like Walmart and similar jobs. 
You are paying for the Small Business Administration to give government contracts and loans to 'minorities' who migrated here - probably specifically for these programs (and I'm saying based on my reading of UN documents which I will send out very soon).   You probably wondered how it was that Indians were taking over markets like the 7-11, and motels, and the Koreans have the green markets, etc.  The SBA program is why - and you paid for it:
Slavery takes many forms - not just the model of the slave on a southern plantation.  If you have a government that takes your money - and redistributes it for the benefit of other countries - and imported 'minorities', then you are every bit as much a slave as the slaves of the old south.