North American Union

Disintegration of the Border

Conceptually, the idea behind the North American Union is the same as for the European Union.  Strategically, the idea is to create large regional, unelected, unseen governance structures that can be managed by the social engineers of the United Nations creating a totalitarian One World Government by stealth.  

To understand how this treason has occurred right under our noses, one must go back to the Stockholm 1972 Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment.  This conference was headed up by Maurice Strong, a socialist from Canada.

A U.S.-Mexico Binational Commission was established in 1981.  Presumably, they are the ones who crafted the La Paz Agreement that was signed by Ronald Reagan in 1983.   It implemented the principles defined in the 1972 Declaration. 

The Agreement called for the establishment of a precisely defined border region ostensibly for the purpose of working cooperatively with Mexico to clean up the environment in the region.  It called for the establishment of six working groups to cooperate in the areas of (1) water, (2) air, (3) hazardous and solid waste, (4) pollution prevention, (5) contingency planning and emergency response, and (6) cooperative enforcement and compliance.

It's important to understand that Number 6 is the harmonization of laws between the U.S. and Mexico.  This was pre-planning for the disintegration of the border and the establishment of the North American Union.

Several other clauses in the La Paz Agreement were written to allow both funding and expansion of the areas of responsibility without the oversight of Congress. 

In effect, this agreement internationalized significant areas in the United States putting them under a different legal structure with the right under an international agreement to expand into the territorial United States.

The authorizing Articles in the Agreement are below:  

Article 8

Each Party designates a national coordinator whose principal functions will be to coordinate and monitor implementation of this Agreement, make recommendations to the Parties, and organize the annual meetings referred to in Article 10, and the meetings of the experts referred to in Article 11. Additional responsibilities of the national coordinators may be agreed to in an annex to this Agreement. In the case of the United States of America the national coordinator shall be the Environmental Protection Agency, and in the case of Mexico it shall be the Secretaria de Desarrollo Urbano y Ecologia, through the Subsecretaria de Ecologia.

The highlighted clause is the loophole that allowed the EPA coordinator to expand the areas of responsibility.  There are now 10 working groups listed by the 'Security and Prosperity Partnership' website.  The SPP website declared their launch date was 2005, but that's not true.  That's just the date that the 3 traitor amigos - Bush, Fox and Martin issued the joint statement on the 'Security and Prosperity Partnership' which is just a deceptive name for the North American Union.  The SPP is the American side of the U.S.-Mexico Binational Commission as evidenced by remarks by Condasleeza Rice in a meeting with Foreign Secretary Derbez of Mexico

SECRETARY RICE: Good afternoon. I am delighted to welcome Foreign Secretary Derbez of Mexico. We have just completed a meeting of the Binational Commission between the United States and Mexico, a Commission that has been in place for 22 years now. The Minister and I have not been here for 22 years of the Commission. Indeed, it is my first as Secretary but, Luis Ernesto, you've had several as the Secretary -- Foreign Secretary for Mexico. We were joined also by Mike Chertoff, Homeland Security Secretary here in the United States and by Minister Abascol and Minister Medina Mora from Mexico.

This Binational Commission looks at a range of issues. There are indeed ten working groups of this Commission that examine the full range of relations and issues between the United States and Mexico. It is, of course, a relationship that is deep and broad, based on common values, but also a relationship in which there is a lot of contact between our people in which there are day-to-day issues of trade and prosperity and migration to be dealt with. And so this Commission provides an opportunity for the secretaries to get together and to review the progress that we're making on systemic answers and resolutions of problems that exist in our relationship. But we're always able to do so on the basis of friendship, on the basis of colleagueship, with respect for each other and a deep desire to have our people live in peace and prosperity and to share these borders in a way that makes us both more secure and more prosperous

Condasleeza confirmed the treason against the Constitution of the United States and the American people at the 36th Annual Conference of the Council of the Americas

Next month, when the 34 democratic members of the Organization of American States gather in Santo Domingo, there will be only one empty seat at the table, a seat that will one day be filled by the free people of a democratic Cuba. In this young century, a democratic consensus unites our hemisphere and together, we have enshrined it in a groundbreaking document: The Inter-American Democratic Charter, which declares that the people of our hemisphere have a right to democracy and that their governments have a responsibility to protect and promote that right. The Charter also states that democracy is essential for social, political and economic development of the people of the Americas. This is a revolutionary new consensus for our hemisphere and it will be all the more important as we confront the serious challenges that remain in our path.

In effect, these traitors - bought and paid for by David Rockefeller are attempting to dissolve the United States through a trade agreement and a 'Charter' that overrides the U.S. Constitution under international law.   See publications at the Council of the Americas website.   

Article 9

Taking into account the subjects to be examined jointly, the national coordinators may invite, as appropriate, representatives of federal, state and municipal governments to participate in the meetings provided for in this Agreement. By mutual agreement they may also invite representatives of international governmental or non-governmental organizations who may be able to contribute some element of expertise on problems to be solved. The national coordinators will determine by mutual agreement the form and manner of participation of non-governmental entities.  

Article 9 provided that non-government organizations like the Council of the Americas and international organizations like the United Nations could be invited to participate in meetings.  The Council of the Americas was founded by David Rockefeller in 19652002 - UN Investigation of Migrant Rights by a UN Special Rapporteur



Unless otherwise agreed, each Party shall bear the cost of its participation in the implementation of this Agreement, including the expenses of personnel who participate in any activity undertaken on the basis of it. For the training of personnel, the transfer of equipment and the construction of installations related to the implementation of this Agreement, the Parties may agree on a special modality of financing, taking into account the objectives defined in this Agreement.

Article 14 is the provision that allowed David Rockefeller to use his money and the money of his wealthy 'partners' to buy the agenda and the traitors who would implement his plan without Congressional oversight of what they were doing. 

And if you want to know why we have 'sanctuary' cities in the United States, follow the money.   The La Paz Agreement, Article 9 allowed the 'working groups' to invite anybody into the treason club.   A good example of how the treason is implemented sub rosa is the Trans-Texas corridor.  Note that the agreements between entities for this agreement were "Memos of Understanding".  Can you believe that?  Treason by Memo. 


News Release
January 18, 2006

Texas Department of Transportation and North America's Supercorridor Coalition Join Forces

Bill Clinton legalized the fascist privatization of government (reinventing government) by changing the definition of federalism and the rules for federal grants. 

Public-Private Partnerships use a method of 'consensus' building to gain agreement for their agenda, but gaining the 'consensus' is just a con game.  The outcomes are predetermined and the groups are manipulated towards that outcome. 

This is the nature of the con game and the treason that is breaking up the United States as a nation. 

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Picture taken in Star Idaho on Mexican Independence Day, September 2006