Trade and Migration

For people in the United States, it's difficult to fathom that international institutions are driving our domestic policy but they are driving it - and it is pure socialist (aka communist).  The U.S. Congress has become little more than a puppet government and I don't mean that as a generalization - I mean truly a puppet government.   They are simultaneously constrained and driven by the international agreements with the WTO and United Nations.     A closer look at issues of trade and migration reveal that fact most clearly.

The global socialist agenda arose out of the environmental movement.  They not only succeeded in redistributing wealth by mandating the export of productive capacity from industrialized nations to developing nations - they also succeeded in including the redistribution of population and this was all in the name of 'free trade'.  So one might say that the illegal invasion of our country was a strategy of insertion (dumping) of excess populations of the developing countries - facilitated by our own government officials.   It should also be noted that this doesn't just apply to Mexican nationals.  It applies to any country that belongs to the United Nations, WTO and has a 'free trade' agreement with the United States.    

The ultimate goal is to have no distinction between citizens and non-citizens whether they are legal or illegal.  Obviously without citizenship, without borders - there is no nation - no country distinctive from any other country.   

When you look at that picture you see an invading army of illegal aliens 'sneaking' into the United States to work. 
Under the international agreements they are 'irregular migrants' who are 'service providers' as defined in the Uruguay Round of the WTO trade talks.

To solve the problem of illegal immigration, we must understand it from that viewpoint.  It is imperative that when we talk to our members of Congress that we know - and we let them know that we know - what they've done with these trade agreements. 


"Service Providers"

The following are a series of articles that discuss the issues of migration and trade agreements.  They were posted on the website of one of the non-governmental organization that promotes and defends illegal aliens so you'll get that perspective intermixed.   You'll also see why the only argument the proponents of illegal immigration use is "racism".  It's because 'service providers' have no rights under the 'free trade' agreements - but they do under the UN agreements on human rights.   That's because if the objection IS racism, then it violates the United Nations international agreements.  (Note:  This is also why leaders of the black community always cry racism and why we are being treated to an overdose of racial oriented Hegelian Dialectics (Richards using the "N" word, the talk show host and "Ho" comment, and Paula Zahn with her series on "Race in America").    These dialectics serve as justification for legislation that would otherwise (and are anyway) be inexplicable - like the Hate Speech bill.  It is as much - and probably more to prevent people from speaking about the illegal alien problem than it is to prevent hate speech against Jews and Gays as it is purported to be. 

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