The SAVE Act Won't Save Us!

When news came that House Democrat Heath Shuler of North Carolina would be introducing a bi-partisan bill titled the Secure America through Verification and Enforcement (SAVE) Act, the anti-illegal immigration forces rallied the troops… Hooray!  The SAVE Act is going to SAVE US!   The SAVE Act makes it mandatory for employers to verify the legal status of prospective employees before hiring.  

[Note: the links in the paragraph below were recovered using the Internet Archive.  When this was originally written in 2007, the links were to active pages on the internet as shown in the captured pages.  The original link for Smart Business Practices now redirects to the NumbersUSA website. ]

If the bumber sticker name of the legislation didn’t tip you off that there is something wrong with this, then perhaps a read of the description on NumbersUSA will.  It reads like an advertisement.  And in fact, it is an advertisement because NumbersUSA just happens to have a system in place for business owners to use for employee verification.  The system is named eVerify and it is accessible at a website called, “Smart Business Practices”.    When one goes deeper down this rabbit hole, we find that the eVerify system just shoots off a transaction to the Department of Homeland Security for the verification and returns the results.   

At this point, we should all be asking why is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) using front end portals that appear to be private entities?  Why doesn’t DHS have the verification request under their own name on their own website?   Why did NumbersUSA develop this portal?  Development of websites is not cheap...what financial interest do they have in it? 

While not obvious, there is a very good reason for DHS to hide behind entities that appear to be non-profit, private organizations.   The explanation is not simple.  To understand it will require a little patience, some time to read about it and some intense thinking time to absorb it but the effort is worth the time because what you’ll see is one of the most treacherous, unAmerican acts of betrayal you’ll ever see (not related to NumberUSA).

As a matter policy, the government (multinational corporations behind it) is attempting to use technology to replace boots on the ground.  Technology is great but it doesn't replace Border Patrol Agents at the border and ICE agents on the job.  As we've seen (if we were paying attention) over the past 7 years, government computer systems that perform functions unpopular with the contracting firm that manages it, just don't seem to work quite right.  Those systems would include, the visas tracking program - bugs allowed many more visas to be issued than were allowed by law.  Criminal illegal alien tracking program - so cumbersome to input data that - according to Sen. Jeff Sessions in a hearing, it would take 40 years to enter existing data - let alone new data.   FBI case management system, so poorly designed, the entire thing had to be thrown out and a new system had to be written.   And now we are supposed to believe that a government system and a mandatory requirement to verify legal status of all potential employees is the solution to the illegal alien problem?   Please!

The main issue I have with this legislation is that it is mandatory for employers.  If they use it and the system gives the ok, the employer is given a free pass.  This is a scam waiting to happen.  But worse still is that the mandatory employer participation in the approval process of employee hiring is a step towards the completion of the cradle-to-grave, "National Human Resource Management" system that has been implemented in phases since the 1990's.  It is a component of Total Information Awareness.  And because of the GATS agreement - trade in services (human commodities), a "Human Resource Management System" is needed as a 'Trade Authority' for monitoring imports and exports of the human commodities.  All it requires is the mandatory participation of employers - and the legislation for a 'Guest Worker' program for completion. 

The verification of legal status is fine.. all employers should be made aware of it.  But that should be the end of it.  What we need is more law enforcement - and to expedite the deportation process.   And if a country won't take people back - then they should be sent back on an airplane - and they can live in No Man's Land in the airport of their home country.  And if Congress really wanted to solve this problem, they would penalize sanctuary cities and pass a law requiring all police officers to check legal status when they stop or detain somebody - and they should require them to contact ICE when they find an illegal. 


My real purpose in writing on the subject of the SAVE Act was that it provided me with another opportunity to try and explain the 'Human Resource Management System' that is being built.  It is a police state system that will enslave your children and grandchildren.  It is a COMMUNIST labor management system.  It puts the government into the business of central planning of the economy and the "allocation" of jobs.   It facilitates the use of imported foreign workers to take jobs from American citizens.  But I was told it is too complicated for the majority to understand.  I hope that's wrong.  

There are four pieces to the puzzle of the Human Resources Management System: Education, Labor, Trade Agreements and the Guest Worker program.  The sections below attempt to explain how each of those areas relate to this system.   



Education - Background
Labor - Background
Trade in Human Commodities
Guest Worker Program




Vicky Davis
November 4, 2007

Vicky L. Davis was a Computer Systems Analyst/Programmer who spent 20 years designing and writing computer systems for large corporations and state and local governments.  For 15 of those years, she worked as a Contractor, which gave her exposure to a wide variety of different businesses and their internal applications and operations.   She has traveled extensively and has lived in nine states in the course of her life’s adventure.