A New Age of Darkness


Two weeks ago, NumbersUSA sent an alert about a new piece of legislation that was to be introduced by a **Democrat**.    The excitement in the alert was palpable.   H.R. 4088, the “Secure America Through Verification and Enforcement Act of 2007” introduced by Heath Shuler (D-NC) was the answer to our prayers according to Numbers.  On the day it was introduced, it had 39 co-sponsors as I recall.  Today, it has 112 co-sponsors. 


Also early in November, Tom Tancredo was on Book TV presenting his book in a forum sponsored by Eagle Forum, “In Mortal Danger”.   Tancredo gave a rousing presentation on the dangers of illegal immigration and how we must find a solution.  Without a doubt, it was his best performance on the issue.   


This weekend, C-Span’s Book TV rebroadcast several times, a program sponsored by the Manhattan Institute on a book co-written by Victor David Hansen, Heather Mac Donald, Myron Magnet and Steven Malanga.  The title of the book is, “The Immigration Solution:  A Better Plan Than Today’s”.  The program included  presentations by Hansen and Mac Donald and Malanga.  The presentations can be summed by saying:   Fear, Fear,  Freedom from Fear. 


After getting a request for information on H.R. 4088 last evening, I went back and re-read an analysis of it  that was written by Katherine Lehman of the American Policy Center.  Most of the features of the legislation are just window dressing.  The one piece of meat is the mandatory employer verification of legal status for prospective employees.  This was the subject of a commentary I wrote after receiving the alert from NumbersUSA.  When putting together the links to satisfy the information request, I came upon a description of a solution offered by Steven Malanga in the book described above:      


“The Immigration Solution proposes the same kind of policy in place in other advanced nations, one that admits skilled and educated people on the basis of what they can do for the country, not what the country can do for them.”


Ah Ha! The light goes on.  We are in the solutions phase of the Hegelian Dialectic  of illegal labor.  The wall of consensus is being erected.  A national computer system is the answer to all our problems. 



Imagine if you will, a government computer system that has the following features - mandated by law:  


All employers are required to list open positions via the Internet in a national database.  We’ll call this database: America’s Job Bank. This forces all job seekers to look for jobs online in the listings database.   The match up between employers and job seekers takes place in the cyber world of the Internet.   Employers can search for available workers.  Job seekers can search for available jobs. 


When a job seeker looks for a job, he must post his resume online in a database.  We’ll call this database:  America’s Talent Bank.  The electronic resume includes education and work history.   This information is then available for prospective employers to use to determine qualifications of applicants for open positions. 


Once entered, a job seeker’s resume including education and work history remains online forever so the only thing that is required each time a job seeker changes jobs is to set an indicator:  Available, Not Available.  Since all hiring is done online, the work history builds itself over time.  The same is true of the employer job listings.  Once the description of the job is entered, only an indicator must be set:  Open, Not Open. 


Now, imagine a feature for employers that allows the employer to keep a record of performance reviews of the employee in the online database.  This information then becomes a permanent part of the job seeker’s work history available for the next prospective employer to look at to determine a job seeker’s suitability for his position.  Think of it as an electronic black ball for employees who don’t have the proper, slave attitude. 


Since education history is a key aspect of a resume, we can include school records automatically as a “feature” for job seekers.  This “feature” will be available for children now in school by integrating the school computer system with America’s Talent Bank as an integral component of the system.   A prospective employer would then have available to him, a complete dossier of the prospective employee from childhood and it would be a lifetime, “cradle-to-grave” information system on a worker.  Think of this as an electronic black ball for students who don’t have the proper, subservient attitude and aptitude as children. 


At this point, we’ll put the description of the national labor management system - America’s Talent Bank and America’s Job Bank on hold to examine another component of the system: medical records. 



National Medical Records System


The solution for the nation’s health care crisis being offered by both Hillary Clinton and Newt Gingrich is a national computer system for medical records with a refocus of the medical industry on prevention rather than illness.  The idea is that if the government maintains your medical records, costs for health care will go down.  


Newt’s idea is that patients can negotiate best price with prospective surgeons and physicians.  Hillary is a little more honest.  Instead of wasting all that money on sick people, she’ll give you brochures with instructions on healthy living coupled with behavior modification (punishments) if you don’t do as you are told:  don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t catch a disease and don’t get old.  If you fail to do as you are told, your medical care won’t be covered. 


Of course, DNA will be collected for this system in order to provide information for your guidelines for living.  If you have a propensity for a particular disease like diabetes, your instructions for living will include diet.   Under the new paradigm for health care, if you do develop diabetes, it will be because you didn’t follow the instructions on the diet and you will be punished. 



The Pedigree  


No dossier on a worker - electronic or otherwise - would be complete without medical history and their propensity for disease.  The national medical records system will provide that information.  Of course it wouldn’t be proper to allow prospective employers to read a person’s medical record, but they could be provided with a “risk code” based upon a prospective employee’s DNA and the medical record.   Think of this as an electronic black ball for prospective employees who don’t have a quality pedigree




American Workers


Over the past decade, American Workers have just gone to hell in a hand basket.  The media tells us almost on a daily basis that what used to be the most productive, well-educated workforce in the world just turned to crap.  Americans no longer have the skills employers want and need.  We are uneducated and lazy, dirty and stupid.  There are shortages of qualified people in virtually any profession or vocation you wish to name - from priests to government workers to teachers; from lettuce pickers and dishwashers to scientists and engineers.  America can no longer provide a quality workforce to meet the demands of this economic dynamo:  ‘The New Economy of the 21st Century’ - record foreclosures and bankruptcies notwithstanding.   


The solution we are told is that we need to import high quality foreign workers for work in America because of the inadequacies of the American people.  The imports are coming in massive numbers - legally on visas and illegally - invading from south of the border.  The people from the south are so hardworking, they will do work that even American blacks won’t do as Vincente Fox told us.  The Wall Street Journal and other industry rags tells us that foreign workers on visas are much more highly educated and qualified than Americans despite the fact that they come from third world countries and they get their educations in America.


Our political and government leaders tell us that policing the borders to keep out those hardworking Mexicans is not possible and that American citizens will not be given preferred status in the labor market over foreign imports because the EEOC does not recognize ‘American Citizen’ as a protected class.   More and better  education is the ultimate solution but in the interim, we need a ‘Guest Worker’ program to allow foreigners to take up the slack for the American slackers.  



Guest Worker Program


A Guest Worker program sounds nice doesn’t?  So polite.  So friendly.  The idea is to allow only those foreign workers who are really needed to fulfill a temporary shortage of American workers and to prevent Americans from being squeezed out by the dumping of foreign workers into our labor market.  


In order for a Guest Worker program to work, data must be available to answer the questions:  how many qualified Americans are available for work,  and how many jobs are available for those workers?  How many students are in the pipeline for those jobs and when will they be ready for market?   And what is the level of quality of those workers?  With the answers to those questions, the U.S. government agency in charge of managing the U.S. labor market will be able to approve or disapprove the importation of foreign workers sought by American employers. 


Hey… I know how we can answer those questions!   We could have a database of American workers that we can call, “America’s Talent Bank”.  And we could have a database of available jobs that we can call, “America’s Job Bank”.    The only hitch is that all American employers must list their jobs in the database.   Hey… I know how we can make them participate!  We can make it mandatory for them to verify the legal status of a prospective employee!  This will get them used to the Internet system and then in a year or two, we can make it mandatory that ALL EMPLOYERS list their jobs in America’s Job Bank.  



And that’s the game plan kiddies.  The computer system described above is not a work of fiction.  It’s a reality and most of it is already in place.  H.R. 4088 introduced by a **Democrat** and supported by Republicans is the missing piece of the system - the mandatory employer participation.  The national computer system is for the new ‘New Deal’ - nationalization of the workforce for the 21st Century ‘New Economy’.  


The nice name for the new system of labor management is the ‘Demand Workforce’.  The real name for it is COMMUNIST labor management - control of labor by control of the labor market.   And the stark reality of it is that it is a system of modern day slave trade that uses a cyber stage for the buying and selling of slaves.    And before you small business people get excited about the prospect of having slaves, understand that your days are numbered too.   You won’t be able to compete in the ‘New Economy’ which is about about nothing if not monopolies and wealth for the few.   


And that brings the world to full circle - back to feudalism and to a New Age of Darkness in the 21st Century.       



Vicky Davis
November 18, 2007

Vicky L. Davis was a Computer Systems Analyst/Programmer who spent 20 years designing and writing computer systems for large corporations and state and local governments.  For 15 of those years, she worked as a Contractor, which gave her exposure to a wide variety of different businesses and their internal applications and operations.   She has traveled extensively and has lived in nine states in the course of her life’s adventure.