Making the Trains Run On Time

In the 1990’s Clinton’s initiative to “reinvent government” essentially transformed the U.S. government into a corporate operating model which they termed “Market-Based Governance".  Federal regulations were ripped up and Six Sigma - also known as Total Quality Management became the management model.  This management model is organizational self-suicide.  It is designed to destroy organizational structures and controls.  And Clinton signed Executive Order 13011 on Federal Information Technology:


“A Government that works better and costs less requires efficient and effective information systems. The Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 and the Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1996 provide the opportunity to improve significantly the way the Federal Government acquires and manages information technology.  Agencies now have the clear authority and responsibility to make measurable improvements in mission performance and service delivery to the public through the strategic application of information technology. A coordinated approach that builds on existing structures and successful practices is needed to provide maximum benefit across the Federal Government from this technology.

(d) cooperate in the use of information technology to improve the productivity of Federal programs and to promote a coordinated, interoperable, secure, and shared Government wide infrastructure that is provided and supported by a diversity of private sector suppliers and a well-trained corps of information technology professionals; and 

(e) establish an interagency support structure that builds on existing successful interagency efforts and shall provide expertise and advice to agencies; expand the skill and career development opportunities of information technology professionals; improve the management and use of information technology within and among agencies by developing information technology procedures and standards and by identifying and sharing experiences, ideas, and promising practices; and provide innovative, multi-disciplinary, project-specific support to agencies to enhance interoperability, minimize unnecessary duplication of effort, and capitalize on agency successes;

Succinctly, Clinton and Gore destroyed the organizational structure of government, outsourced government operations to private corporations with the mandate to redesign government operations in the corporate image - improving “customer service”,  managing assets more efficiently, providing accountability for performance (monitoring and tracking), merging information systems - eliminating duplicative information, etc.  It was a complete corporate restructuring of government.

Sounds good you say?  Saving taxpayers money?   Well how about this - they threw out the Constitution along with federal regulations and you became a human resource to be managed in the same way that the animals at Yellowstone are managed, and your personal assets became part of the corporate federal system for whatever purposes they deem appropriate - recall Kelo.    By the time they’ve implemented peak performance corporate systems for all government functions, you’ll wish to God that you’d thought through what it really means to have a government designed by corporations for maximum efficiency and least cost - because your role in life has been demoted to slave to the corporation - just a ‘factor of production’ to be used and then discarded when your useful, productive time is over.

What is it that you thought they were doing over in Hitler’s Germany?  And Mussolini’s Italy? Just picking on Jews?   Making the trains run on time?   No… they were designing the perfect system for governing the perfect society using the corporate model - for maximum efficiency - like a machine.  The people who were sent to the camps were "undesirables" that either couldn't or wouldn't perform to maximum efficiency to justify their existence.  The people sent to the camps included the physically and mentally handicapped, the elderly, Gypsies, Jews and many others.  But, if a Jew had a special skill or talent, he was inducted into the service of the Nazis - as were all other Germans with special skills or talents.    And how did they know who had special talents and skills that would be useful?

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Vicky Davis
March 12, 2008