Condi and The Council


On May 3, 2006 Condoleeza Rice gave a speech to the Council of the Americas. 
She gave a special greeting to David Rockefellar who was apparently behind the establishment of this organization.  The Rockefellar Foundation, Ford, Carnegie and more recently the Gates Foundations have worked many, many years and have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in their work to destroy the United States.  It appears that next month their dream of the dissolution of the United States will come to fruition. 
Some highlights of Condi's speech:
Next month, when the 34 democratic members of the Organization of American States gather in Santo Domingo, there will be only one empty seat at the table, a seat that will one day be filled by the free people of a democratic Cuba. In this young century, a democratic consensus unites our hemisphere and together, we have enshrined it in a groundbreaking document: The Inter-American Democratic Charter, which declares that the people of our hemisphere have a right to democracy and that their governments have a responsibility to protect and promote that right. The Charter also states that democracy is essential for social, political and economic development of the people of the Americas. This is a revolutionary new consensus for our hemisphere and it will be all the more important as we confront the serious challenges that remain in our path.
[ The Inter-American Democratic Charter is similar to the Constitution.  In effect, it overrides the Constitution to cover the entire continent. 
Inter-American Democratic Charter (notice the date on this)
Over the past decade or so, the success of democracy in the Americas has produced what President Bush has called a revolution in expectations. The President has said that free societies -- in free societies, citizens will rightly insist that people should not go hungry, that every child deserves the opportunity for a decent education, and that hard work and initiative should be rewarded. In much of our hemisphere today, free people's expectations for a better life have outgrown the capacity of their democratic institutions to fully meet those expectations.
Very magnanimous of them to offer all of this at the American taxpayer's expense and at the expense of their standard of living and quality of life. 
I know that the peoples of the Americas are impatient with the development in their democracy. This feeling is powerful and it's passionately felt. And our response must be just as powerful and just as passionate. Through our solidarity, through our assistance, and through our institutions that we share in the Inter-American system, we can ensure that the peoples of the Americas are not abandoned to demagogues and authoritarians.
Under President Bush, the United States is more engaged in the Americas. We are more committed to helping people. And our strategy is forward-looking, perhaps more forward-looking than ever before in our history. The President's vision for this hemisphere is rooted in partnership, not in paternalism.
The United States charges no ideological price for our partnership. And I want to emphasize this: We charge no ideological price for our partnership. We will work with all governments from the left, from the right, as long as they are committed in principle and practice to the core conditions of democracy, to govern justly, to advance economic freedom and to invest in their people.
Free trade is the key and our vision remains a free trade area of the Americas; the union of 800 million men and women from Northern Canada to Southern Chile, in the world's largest free trade community.
If it hasn't been clear before, it should be clear now that the so-called 'Free Trade of the Americas'  is a merger of the continental governments.  The Inter-American Democratic Charter is effectively a replacement for the Constitution.  The traitors in the White House and in this administration are attempting to dissolve the United States as an independent and sovereign nation. 
Clearly, we in the Americas are only scratching the surface of what we can achieve by trading in freedom.
They are trading YOUR standard of living and quality of life for the freedom of the multinational corporations to exploit working people - to give the multinational corporations the right to use labor arbitrage to enslave and entrap people in a lives of abject poverty.  The multinationals are not producing jobs in the U.S. so the only reason for doing this is to destroy the American way of life - to create a new peasant class in America - by destroying the middle class of America. 
At the 2004 Summit of the Americas, President Bush won agreement from his fellow leaders to cut in half the amount of time it takes to start a business in their countries. This will enable more citizens in our hemisphere to take advantage of efforts which the United States has helped to facilitate with the Inter-American Development Bank to triple the amount of available credit to small and medium-sized business owners.

[This must be where the Mexicans get all that money to start the Mexican restaurants and little stores in the U.S.]
Here is where your tax dollars are going.  They are basically selling your life through financial schemes of loans and forgiveness, and they are now selling your jobs and your country through this so-called 'Free Trade of the Americas' agreement (FTAA).  
We are currently seeking $5 billion in relief from the Inter-American Development Bank. If we are successful, this would bring the total debt relief for the region's poorest countries to $19 billion. That is about $620 for every man, woman, and child in those countries. If just a fraction of that money is reinvested, say, in health care, it could transform people's lives forever.
Since 2001, President Bush has nearly doubled our annual foreign direct assistance to the countries of the Americas.
Through the Millennium Challenge Account initiative, we are directing new assistance to countries that have proven their commitment to democracy but that need help in building effective institutions.
Millennium Declaration
On September 11, 2001, Colin Powell was on his way down to Peru to sign the agreement for the Inter-American Democratic Charter.  September 11, 2001 was the pivotal event that began the 'transformation' of the United States.  It was the reason for the Patriot Act which began the process of eliminating rights of American citizens even though it was supposedly muslim terrorists from the middle east who pulled off the attack. 
All of the government's actions since September 11th have made no sense if the official storyline of September 11th were true.   However, if one discards the official story - and one looks at the event as a means of scaring the American people into allowing the government to do whatever they said was necessary to 'protect' our country, then it's easy to see that September 11th was a Hegelian Dialectic to change American expectations of the way the way life works in America.  The event facilitated the law changes necessary for this administration and the Congress to commit treason - to dissolve our nation and to create PAX Americana - continental government of the North American continent.