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Using Trade to Break Nations

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On September 8, 2000

President William J. Clinton signed the United Nations Millennium Declaration. The Millennium Declaration is an initiative for global governance.  

The biggest lie in the history of the world was that Communism died in 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell.  It's living.  It's growing. And since Bill Clinton signed the Millennium Declaration, the Communists are swarming us like metastasized cancer spreads through a body.  Communists are the minions that fascists use to control the masses.  The utopian communist goals of sharing the wealth are a fraud - not just because they are contrary to human nature, but because they are the mechanisms by which the wealthy elite retain power.  By controlling every aspect of the lives of the masses, it ensures the continuation of the social and economic order of the elites.  Anything to the contrary is simply propaganda.  It is bought and paid for marketing materials to sell a concept to the unthinking masses.   


1000 Points of Insurgency

George H. W. Bush with his 1000 Points of Light concept established the networks of 'volunteer' national service workers.  These workers are not volunteers at all.  They are paid workers who pose as 'special interest' citizens.  Their real use is to implement the social engineering agenda of the fascist elite by making it appear to be by popular citizen support.    The 1000 Points of Light Foundation was established for this purpose.  



Funding The Insurgency


Bill Clinton continued the 'transformation' of our government by eliminating government employees and restructuring the federal grant program to provide funding for the communist-fascist agenda of the  corporations, foundations and elite.  This institutionalization of 'public-private partnerships' as a replacement for government was implemented under the guise of 'reinventing government'. 

The Congress defines the framework of programs and provides legislation which calls for unelected boards, councils and commissions.  These unelected entities then receive both federal grant money as well as corporate and foundation money.  There is no accountability for what these groups do and where they get their agenda.  However, it becomes obvious that this is the method by which the communist agenda of the UN is being implemented.  The UN provides the thematic framework, the public-private partnerships - (called Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) outside the U.S.) work with state and local officials to make the 'new rules'.  This circumvents and subverts our republican form of government. 


World Trade Organization (WTO)

And The Rise of Global Corporate Governance

In 1986 with the beginning of the Uruguay Round of trade talks (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the agenda took a radical shift from discussing issues of tariffs and quotas to the expansion of WTO rule-making for 'trade' to cover issues of product safety, environment, and immigration within the sovereign territories of nation-states.  This was effectively a major power shift from the nation-states and democratically elected representative government to the communist style of government by unelected committees under the heading of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations. 

The Uruguay Round of talks ended in 1994 with the Marrakesh Agreement which established the World Trade Organization.  It marked the beginning of fascist/communist global government by central planners and committees.    In a new book titled, "Whose Trade Organization?', Lori Wallach and Patrick Woodall write the following on the themes of the agreements that comprise the radical agenda of the World Trade Organization: 

1. Privatize and commodify all elements of the economy and society by pushing countries to treat everything from bulk water and public services to genetic materials and food as commodities to be made accessible as new for-profit tradable units; (deregulation of electric utilities that led to the Enron debacle, deregulation and privatization of water resources, the recently passed changes in emergency medical care - no longer mandatory for hospitals to provide emergency medical treatment to people with no insurance, etc.)

2. Deregulate by constraining the role of all levels of government and designating some domestic environmental, food safety and other regulations as trade barriers that must be eliminated;  ('reinventing government' was effectively dismantling our government to meet this goal - clearing the path for the communist style of government by fascist-communist committees - public-private partnerships)

3. Harmonize by pressuring countries to replace national and local policies with uniform global standards that are presumed to be WTO compliant while national standards providing a greater level of consumer protection in pesticide and meat inspection standards, environmental policies, accounting rules and more are exposed to WTO challenge.  (No domestic preferences allowed for contracting government operations and services, gasoline standards higher than WTO not allowed, genetically modified foods can't be prohibited, etc.)

4. "Liberalize" investment by requiring governments to eliminate policies regulating who can own what, including essential services, and to eliminate conditions on investors, such as requiring certain labor standards or environmental protections. (the FCC decision to allow further consolidation of the media which would have left 3 corporations providing all types of media content and delivery; dismantling of OSHA because the agreement doesn't allow government mandated worker protections; calls for the elimination of PUHCA which protected electricity rate payers from funding non-electric investments, etc).

5. "Liberalize" finance by requiring countries to eliminate policies regulating banks, currency trading, derivatives and stock market.  (means that laws concerning money laundering, what constitutes fraud in the stock market, laws concerning banks doing business with illegal aliens are not allowed under the WTO rules)

6. Manage trade according to WTO rules.  In contrast to 'free trade', this is a "corporate-managed trade" system because of the special protections it provides for certain interests.  For instance the WTO protects subsidies given to agribusiness to export commodities (thus allowing them to be dumped on markets at prices below the cost of production) while certain domestic subsidies to support small farms are characterized as illegal trade distortions.  {By giving incentives to move business toward the export market as opposed to the domestic market - it puts domestic businesses out of business leaving the market share left by the failing domestic businesses to be picked up by the multinational corporate and banking mafia behind the WTO.) 

7. Create new property protections for instance requiring nations to adopt twenty-year monopoly patents on a wide array of items and giving foreign investors special rights not enjoyed by local businesses or citizens. (Not to tough to figure out how the multinationals benefit from this one.  They leave our country - become a foreign corporation and then they enjoy the 'special rights' afforded to them by the rigged WTO trading rules).

8. Homogenize culture and consumer demands by treating culture as another commodity and eliminating government policies aimed at maintaining diverse media content.  (This is the most insidious because it devalues citizenship and the culture of a nation - putting immigrant culture on an equal footing which unroots the native populations.)


Subversion of Democratically Elected Representative Government

The Dissolution of Nation-States


When George H.W. Bush came into office, one of the first items on his agenda was to begin 'trade' talks with Mexico and Canada for the establishment of a 'Free Trade of the Americas (FTAA)' - using trade to break down national sovereignty.  The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was the first step towards the dissolution of national sovereignty and our nation.  The Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) is the second step.  The FTAA will be the final step in the dissolution of our nation.  These agreements being signed with governments on the North American continent are effectively mergers of our countries.  Like the WTO, the 'region' of the North American continent will be ruled by an unelected committee under the guise of 'trade'.  This is a subversion of the Constitution - treason by any other name - treason by trade.