By Bernadine Smith

Sleeping Americans: Wake Up! Not only has the form of your government has been changed, you are now being asked to consign yourself by approving of this newly installed militarized global government management system.  Taking advantage of the trust you have placed in those whom you have elected to public office, and without your required prior approval, a global government system has been laid down upon you!  The manipulators do not think you care about what is happening, because you did not object to the major transformation they pulled off -- right under your nose!  Are you really willing to accept the disastrous alterations in the operating concepts of your government, so that this major change in your government system has been tolerated without much more than a slight whimper!

No longer will the 1787 Constitution be your protectorate against unjust and unlimited power, because it has been superseded.  Only remnants of its shell remain. Your system of government is no longer that of a “republic”.  “Democracy” has been the stand-in word for acceptance of the transformation.  People are no longer “the ultimate power”.  The United States of America has been captured and transformed into a militarized communitarian global system, mostly without the knowledge of the general population, and their understanding of basic rights, which they thought would be there forever. These have been wiped out by the manipulators who ironically promise the people “safety” – “safety against terrorists”!

This transformation of the Constitutional system had its early beginnings in the 1970’s when the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration first revised the nation with preliminary mergers of the law enforcement systems and the military under one head, which was then called the “public safety agencies”.  Better wake up, sleeping Americans, because soon your safeguards, and defenses by virtue of the Bill of Rights will be rewarded with only a sarcastic laugh!  The transformation has the effect of a cruel iron hand. It is able to enforce globalized communistic law on a total scale to which it is committed: a New World Order!

How Did It Happen?

How did it happen? Simply by a thick executive order signed (unlawfully) by the stroke of a pen of just one person, George W. Bush:  Executive Order No 13286, dated February 28, 2003.  The installation of Executive Order 13286, which was headed “Amendment of Executive Orders, and Other Actions, in Connection With the Transfer of Certain Functions to the Secretary of Homeland Security,” set down the framework and underpinnings of a new form of government: a military system.




















What Can You Do?

Do you know anybody who is a VFW or an American Legion member?  Better still, if they are going to the annual conventions which are coming up shortly, could you ask them to give support to the efforts of Sam Mahony, a very patriotic member of these groups.  He intends to get a resolution through to gain the support of these veteran's groups which would oppose the National Id card ( also known as the Real Id card).  He has a copy of this article to take along to the convention.  America and your children need this help while there is still a chance to stop the elimination of our Constitutional government.  The "new world order" groups are working like rabbits to take this country over.  Any help you can give will be appreciated.  You can read the attached article I wrote for further information.  Also, please relay this article to all your contacts  so that national attention is on this subject.  Our children are too young to know how to defend themselves and, besides, the goal of the global minded people is to keep the public dumbed down until they reach the point of no return. Then you will be helpless.   We live in critical times.  Please help.      Sincerely, Bernadine Smith


Liberty Gun Rights
Second Amendment Committee
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As it was installed in the United States, it broke a 220 year old tradition whereby a sharp line always separated the military from the civilian law enforcement.  To merge the two would create a dictatorship, so this was known to be a big no-no!  The fact is that the line that once separated the two has been deliberately crossed and the merger has been done!  This altered the concept by which the United States form of government was constituted and meant to operate.    It changed the system from civilian management into military management while the Constitution became debased as the “the supreme law of the land”.


President Bush has declared that if another event such as 9/11 occurs, he will engage this full military government into action over the whole nation.  They acknowledge that the Constitution (with its great protections against the abuse of power) will be set aside and will no longer have any standing.  No government “of the people, by the people and for the people” ever existed or retained the authority of the people when a military system was installed over it!  It should not be swept under the rug that this transformation has been instituted.  To do so would be a fatal mistake.

The system the founding fathers instituted was meant to be in perpetuity as they drew up the Constitution, and ordained it under the laws of God.  Powers were distributed and limited, and there were checks and balances made to keep this structure intact.  David Davis, a Supreme Court Justice (1815-1886) said:

"The Constitution of the United States is a law for rulers and people, equally in war and peace and covers with the shield of its protection all classes of men, at all times, and under all circumstances.   No doctrine, involving more pernicious consequences, was ever invented by the wit of man than that any of its provisions can be suspended during any of the great exigencies of government.  Such a doctrine leads directly to anarchy or despotism, but the theory of necessity upon which it is based is false, for the government, within the Constitution, has all the powers granted to it, which are necessary to preserve its existence; as has been happily proved by the result of the great effort to throw off its just authority.”   ~ David Davis, Ex Parte Milligan,4 Wallace 2  (1866)

A military government is not only unnecessary, but it opens the door for despotism!  Nevertheless, the government of the United States has now been revamped so that the government of this nation is in accord to military concepts on an international regional communistic basis. -- all done without the consent of the governed!  Among the powers vested in the Homeland Security Agency is control of birth certificates and driver’s licenses, which opens the door for tricking the people into approving of the change.

The attempt to gain legitimate status for this unlawful transformation which consolidates all power over the people under military management is witnessed in the effort to get the people to accept the “Real Id Card Act of 2005”.  By acceptance state-by-state of this national Id card, the people are, as a whole, registered as not only as being compliant with the powers and authority now vested in the Homeland Security Agency, but they are viewed as extending their consent to the transformation.  They are view by the new government as a commodity that the global government owns: simply stated, human resources!  As a starter, a chip will be placed in each person’s driver’s license, but the ultimate goal is to have the chip installed in the hand of each and every person, because not everyone is old enough to drive a car, and some people do not own cars, nor drive at all at any age.  My friends, this is not the liberty and freedom which men died for in the War for Independence!

Currently, George W. Bush has transferred directly to himself powers that he previously vested in the Homeland Security.  This is tantamount to completion of a dictatorship with the physical underpinnings necessary to sustain it, already constructed as a foregone conclusion.   Are you able to turn to the police for help?  Not likely, because every policeman in the nation, in every city and town, large and small, in every state in the nation is already beholden to the Homeland Security Agency and the police are  now ‘on line’ taking orders from the Homeland Security Agency.  When the powers of the Agency are fully activated, the sovereignty of the people and the endowments which God has granted to each and every individual will be recognized no more!

By acceptance of the current Real Id Card, the people will not only be consenting to the rule of a globalized militarized government system, they will also class themselves as compliant subjects, who have accepted the subjugation of the Homeland Security Agency.  The chip is also a 'people locator' and it can be monitored from a satellite in space. Recorded in the chip will be your total history. available to anyone who asks for "Your papers, please."

The Homeland Security Agency would then be vested with full and permanent power over the people.  The people will no longer be allowed to think of themselves as the “ultimate power” or “ultimate authority”.  The Constitution will be chalked off as past history.  The people will live in fear of the gau lieter – the assigned person who will report to the Homeland Security Agency what he has heard or observed about the people and the homes in the neighborhood he is assigned to watch.



First Step - Chip the ID

Second Step - Embedded Chips
in the Body


...And This Baby Will Never Know Freedom From State Surveillance and Control


Under global government,  the people themselves are to be without a means of resistance or a form of force by which to protect themselves. Every nation must yield its national armed forces as a part of the world army.  There will be no guns for the people (only the militarized Homeland Security Agency will have guns).   With no power left for the people to decide their own fate, in any matter whatsoever, the non-elective, appointive system under the militarized regional governments will decide the future of all the people.  These the regional agencies will have more power over the lives of people than our public officials ever had in the past!  They can decide for you where you may live; where you may work; what occupation you may follow, and they are already prepared to set the salary for the work.   A person can be sent anywhere in the world to work, according to their ability, and the salary will be determined, according to that government perceives to be  their need.

There will be no individual ownership of property (a long-standing United Nations policy).  You will be told whether or not you may have children.  You can't vote these Homeland Security Agency managers out, or recall them, because they are appointees.  When the states become abolished, which is the intent and purpose of regional government, there will no longer be underpinnings for the Constitutional Compact, and in that act, the federal and state Constitutions, which formerly protected you, will no longer be your resource of defense.  You will be allowed a communist bill of rights (called the Human Rights Treaties -- already written), which has been quietly and gradually replacing your inherent and true rights.  Your life will be monitored and dictated from cradle to grave through the Homeland Security Agency.  The world army will give backing to the policies of the Homeland Security Agency.  This agency came about as a result of the General and Complete Disarmament law.  It was described as a form of force required to preserve internal order.

A world army of foreign troops will "preserve order" all over the world. Additional taxes and regulations will be necessary to support the "new world order" rule.  Foreign troops can arrest violators, and try them in the World Court, which incidentally, is also in operation and handing down decisions.  The unknowing young have not been told of "The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World" (P.L.87-297), which is the source for closing  down military bases that should have be left for the people’s protection.  Public law 87-297 has always been the main source for the effort to  prohibit all privately owned firearms.  Self-preservation with arms, protection against lawlessness and sedition will be denied to the people while open borders promote the merger now underway of Mexico and Canada with the U.S.A.  This in itself calls for a new form of government for this so-called “North American Union”.  This project alone confirms that a new system of government is “in the works”!

Couch potatoes parents really don't care what suffering they are permitting to fall upon their own children.  "It can't happen here", they say, while evidence abounds that it has already happened here!  These are facts, yet they do not want to muster the interest in verifying these facts, and they have no intent whatever to stop it!   They just "don't want to hear anything that depresses" them, and they just don't care enough about their kids to spend their energy in preventing this burden from falling inextricably upon their own children!   Their offspring won’t know how it all happened to them, and they will not have the means necessary to make possible the attempt to stop it.   The propaganda press has emasculated many of those who were supposed to provide protection and guidance to their children.  The young are being denied the protection that every young person should have so that they can make their own decisions, and decide their own careers and futures, but they may end up getting caught in the trap their parents created for them by parental lack of interest and parental lack of reasoning.  So wake up, sleeping Americans and shoulder your responsibility to your families against this real terrorism that is being built in your own country by your own disloyal public officials.

Have our public officials become so stupid as to forget that the 1787 Constitution and the Bill of Rights are still the Supreme law in this country, because these documents are in the possession of the people. They belong to the people, and we have never given our permission for public officials to violate the law, or to supersede or discard them, no matter what pretended legislation or bogus executive orders gets written to the contrary.


Liberty Gun Rights
Second Amendment Committee
Bernadine Smith