Redefining the Enemy

Phase II in the Terrorist War


Recently, Representative Peter Hoekstra (R-MI) who is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee gave a speech1 at the American Enterprise Institute.  The purpose was to discuss a report they were releasing entitled,  "Al Qaeda.  The Many Faces of an Islamist Extremist Threat". He said that he and the Minority Leader, Jane Harmon (D-CA) met at the beginning of this Congress to outline a series of objectives and changes in the Intelligence Committee. One was that they wanted to  open up to public scrutiny more of the work they did on the Intelligence Committee so that when decisions are made, they would have already articulated the reasons for their decisions.    

Rep. Hoekstra seems to be a sincere, intelligent man but listening to him was like listening to a mafia spokesman say they are waging a war on crime.  The first clue that we were going to enter Twilight Zone territory actually came during Michael Ladeen's introduction of Mr. Hoekstra.  He started out by saying that over time, some words come to mean the opposite of their original meaning and that organizations like oversight committees evolve into becoming the very things that they were intended to oversee. 

The meaning of Ladeen's introduction of Hoekstra became clear when he described Al Qaeda as being an organization that had morphed into a decentralized, entrepreneurial organization no longer comprised exclusively of radical Muslim fundamentalists.  Paraphrasing, he said people you'd never suspect have tapped into the 'vision' and are self-radicalizing to establish affiliate appendages of Al Qaeda.       

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Hoekstra - Description Al Qaeda

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Reporters Q & A

Why Now?

Why You and Not Intelligence Community Report?

What about the Saudis?  

The description that Rep. Peter Hoekstra gave of the organization he calls Al Qaeda is a description of the 'transformed' U.S. military.  The name of the strategy is net-centric warfare - the 'New American Way of War' - asymmetric warfare.  One facet of it is that it is comprised of small teams of Special Forces empowered by 'vision leaders' to take whatever steps necessary to accomplish the goal in whatever way they deem appropriate.  The methods are to use covert, effects-based operations (EBO) which by definition are terrorist acts.  The following is a description from an essay written by a USAF captain:

Network-centric operations are achieved by networking the force to create shared situational awareness derived from common operating information that is relevant, timely, and accurate. Network-centric warfare (NCW) results from using this shared situational awareness to self-synchronize operations, speed decision making, and increase the speed of operations. In this paper I explore the utility of network-centric warfare for special operations. The paper begins with a description of a hypothetical future network-centric special operation, following which, a review of the network-centric warfare is provided.

The U.S. Military Al Qaeda handbook was produced by Art Cebrowski when he was Director of the DOD, Office of Force Transformation.  The goal of military transformation is to provide covert support for globalization while still being able to wave the American Flag and march to the tunes of John Phillips Sousa.   It is my belief that's what the Office of Special Plans was about and it is what Michael Ladeen was alluding to when he referred to "secret corridors in the Pentagon".  

And what are they doing in the 'secret corridors'?  One thing is that the Office of Special Plans fabricated evidence to get us into a perpetual war in the Middle East against phantom enemies.  And guess what - the American soldiers who are being killed and maimed are being replaced with... guess who?    Illegal aliens and foreigners who are being promised U.S. citizenship for signing up.  

Globalization is the international Socialist movement for global One-World governance by elitists with economic slavery for the masses.  The visible affiliate organizations of Al Qaeda are the non-governmental organizations (NGO's) whose public mission is to 'transform' the society to a socialist mindset to accept global socialism.  The private function is to provide resources for the Al Qaeda cells for their covert activities.  The NGO's receive their vision and funding in grants and 'partnerships' but they are pretty much free to implement the vision in whatever way they choose.  Of course the media 'partners' in this global conspiracy will fail to see any linkages and/or will use their platforms to distract, dissemble and/or deny as they did with September 11, 2001. 

The 'vision' for the Al Qaeda network came during the Reagan Administration with the concept of 'public-private partnerships' but it was implemented during the Bush I and Clinton Administrations.  Simply stated, the concept was to sell off and privatize government assets and functions and to give grants to private organizations to 'implement the vision' - or as Rep. Peter Hoekstra called it, 'Servant Leadership'.  'Servant Leadership' articulates the vision and gets out of the way leaving the 'network' to make it happen - in whatever way they choose.  

New Federalism - Reinventing Government
1000 Points of Light - 1000 Points of Insurgency

What they've done is to create a weak central government as evidenced by the FEMA debacle in New Orleans, a destroyed economy through export of productive capacity and a terrorist network comprised of both Special Operations Forces and their operatives (dupes), social change agents in the form of NGO's, fixed elections using technology to ensure perpetuation of the puppet government, and they have broken down our defense structures like port and border security - implementing 'virtual' solutions while implementing very real police state surveillance and control mechanisms for citizens.  They have intimidated the media with anthrax attacks and several journalists have been conveniently suicided.   Illegal aliens and anarchists demonstrate in the streets for the rights of non-citizens and they are for the most part supported by the media and the only people who get arrested or roughed up are the American citizens. 

How much more clear can it get? 

The Hoekstra-Harmon game plan with the release of this report on the changing nature of Al Qaeda is to signal Phase II of the Terrorist war on America.  No doubt in the coming year we will begin to see the arrest and detention of American citizens as Hoekstra described, "They may have no formal association with Al Qaeda, no criminal record, there is nothing in their past to draw the attention of law enforcement officials to these individuals".   In other words, they will begin arresting people like you and me.  And why would they do that?   It's because we noticed what they are doing and we are not inline with their vision of disintegration of our nation in favor of the North American Regional Union supporting a One-World government - globalization at the point of a gun in support of multinational corporations and the inbred wealthy elite.  We are networked on the Internet and we are sharing situational awareness.  And with this commentary, I'm articulating the message and vision I picked up over the weekend which is as I said, Phase II.  What were the triggers for me to say that? 

I picked up the beginning of the propaganda campaign which includes the release of this report plus:

  •  the circulation on the Internet of the Jesus Camp video showing so-called Christians radicalizing children in the same way Islamic fundamentalists radicalize their children;

  • On C-Span Book TV, the presentation of a book (actually there were several programs in a similar vein) "The Enemy of My Enemy" by George Michael in which he purports to show a linkage of the extreme right wing with radical Islamic fundamentalism.  Everybody knows - or should know that the KKK was crushed in the 1960's and the only people left are government operatives like David Duke and the dupes.  In his presentation, George Michael described Al Qaeda as a 'state of mind' organization which 'coincidently' corresponds to the description that Hoekstra was articulating. 

  • A C-Span presentation of the meeting of 'Values Voters Summit' to discuss cultural cannibalization by The Left and the victimization of Christians by the institutions of government, courts and in the schools.  They included discussions of all the issues to rally the base children's books on homosexuality, gay marriage, abortions, etc.  (Remember during the 80's how powerful the Christian Right were?   Now they are the 'victims'.)  Mike Huckabee wants to see an "evangelical version of "Shock and Awe".   

  • Last week a church was threatened with loss of its tax exempt status for blatant politicking.

  • Today, we have news of a 'leaked intelligence report' telling us that we aren't safe in America.     

Whether I'm right or wrong in my analysis of the beginning of Phase II, what is clear is that our public officials are engaged in a shared narrative of manipulation and deception.  While a few of them might actually want to save our country from the clutches of the Third Way socialist 'transformation', most of them are lacking the integrity and moral fiber that it will take to stop it.  They are just making too damn much money and life is just too damn good with the trips to play golf in Scotland...."I've got mine... and screw the American people and their country".  

Even if you have a slow connection, listen to the three short audio clips from the Q & A part of the Hoekstra program in which Hoekstra is questioned regarding the timing of the release of this report and then first talks about the nature of intelligence and then a reporter asks what they are doing about Saudi financing of radical Islamism.  Hoekstra's answers are most revealing and it proves my point on the deception. 

1 C-Span, 9/20/2006, Rep. Hoekstra releases report on Al Qaeda at the American Enterprise Institute. The video is in the archive - search on Hoekstra.