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I wrote the following in response to an email that showed illegals and subversives in what I assume is southern California.  These people were at a demonstration and they desecrating the American flag.  Since I think it is a pretty good summation of the problem, I'm passing it on to my entire list.  I added one more thing that wasn't in the original because I forgot to put it in:  


What we need is a Meeting of Statesmen and I don't give a damn if they are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Independents.  The meeting should be organized by people who no longer wear the Red Dunce Cap  or  the Blue Dunce Cap.

We need for our elected legislators to declare if they are Statesmen or not by attending such conference the purpose of which would be to review the entire situation of our state and our country.  The goal would be to formulate a "whole brain" strategy for dealing with it. 

A simple statement of the problem - not to minimize what came before or after:

In the 1990's, in collusion with Soviet Union, Al Gore (lead)  and Bill Clinton took actions to redesign our government administrative systems - including military systems to take advantage of the capabilities of the Internet communications system and the cheap off-the-shelf software.  In so doing, they made our country vulnerable for a coup d'etat and it is my belief that is exactly what happened.  The radical agenda from the high tech corridor system with fusion centers for police state surveillance, the nationalized, electronic medical records and "redesign of health care", the conversion of our system of education to the soviet polytechnical model, the NAIS animal tracking system, etc.  all of them are the result of the "redesign of government" into what will be a totalitarian, fascist/communist system.  That's what Mikhail Gorbachev was doing at the Presidio in San Francisco. 

All of the problems we are dealing with are tails off the project for "reinvention of government".  The "reinvention" design is in the corporate model - meaning a centralized, totalitarian system as all corporate management models are. 

All government computer systems are constructed within the boundaries of law first and function second.  Initially, the project for implementation of Internet capabilities was a national project.   In April 1993, Bill Clinton met with Boris Yeltsin in Vancouver, Canada and the Internet project became international - in partnership with the Soviets.  The reason our laws were gutted (banking, health, education, subversive activities, etc.) was for the purposes of harmonization -  so that the computer systems could be compatible to form an international system of computer control systems (management systems).   

Vancouver Summit

"The Presidents agreed on a new package of bilateral economic programs and measures to address Russia's immediate human needs and contribute to the building of necessary structures for successful transition to a market economy.  [Note:  the translation of "market economy"  is an Internet-based economy]" 

The Presidents agreed to give fresh impetus to development of the U.S.-Russian relationship in all its dimensions. To coordinate and direct this effort and to activate a comprehensive and intensive dialogue, they agreed on measures to improve the mechanism for mutual consultations. In particular, working groups will be set up involving high-level officials of both governments with broad authority in the areas of economic and scientific and technological cooperation. The Presidents agreed to establish a United States-Russian Commission on technological cooperation in the fields of energy and space. They intend to designate Prime Minister Chernomyrdin and Vice President Gore to head this commission.

The joint efforts of both countries have succeeded in establishing a new character for Russian-American relations. The Presidents reaffirmed the principles and provisions of the Camp David Declaration of February 1, 1992, and the Charter of U.S.-Russian Partnership and Friendship of June 17, 1992, as a basis for relations between the two countries.

Camp David Declaration -
From the Charter of U.S.-Russian Partnership

 --   The Russian Federation intends to improve its laws in the
      fields of taxation, poverty, and contract law and those
      relating to intellectual property rights.
--   The parties recognize the critical role the Private sector
      will play and intend to encourage mutually beneficial
      Russian-American cooperation in trade and investment.
--   The parties intend to lower constraints to trade and
      investment and to remove Cold War-era restrictions on
      business.  The parties will also work to strengthen national
      export control systems and prevent proliferation, and to
      promote high technology trade and investment while
      combatting proliferation.  The U.S. and Russia intend to
      work together bilaterally and multilaterally, particularly
      through the new COCOM Cooperation Forum.

We can't even begin to deal with the very real and serious circumstances we find ourselves in as long as everybody continues to pretend that this is just politics as usual.  IT IS NOT just politics as usual.

What else do you need to know when you see that American citizenship is being sold to the COMMUNIST Chinese by our own Governor Butch Otter - using a program that was set up 1990?

The Trojan Triangle System that I described is the strategic plan for conversion of the economy.

Ok.. I'm finished venting. And now we can all just go back to sleep.

Vicky Davis
September 15, 2010


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