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The CORE in Meridian, Idaho is a Trojan Triangle.  I became aware of it when there was an article in the Idaho Statesman about an expected 23-person delegation from COMMUNIST China to tour the location and see the plans.  The article mentions that COMMUNIST Chinese businessmen who invest $1 million can obtain visas for permanent resident status in the United States.   

The CORE was so named because it is located in a transportation corridor that is an intermodal commerce zone.  I called the city of Meridian and spoke with Brenda Sherwood about it.  Ms. Sherwood is the Meridian Economic Development Specialist.  She said they were considering submitting a request to have the area designated a 'Foreign Trade Zone' but haven't decided yet.   She said The CORE is an EB-5 Regional Center and is a 501-C6 organization.  EB-5 zones are also called "Targeted Employment Zones"  TEA Zones.    The EB-5 visa program was established in "immigration reform" legislation in 1990, the same year the decision was made to dissolve the United States as a nation - and I don't say that lightly.  Obviously, this program isn't just for the Chinese.  On the VDARE website, there is an article about the EB-5 visa program written by Rob Sanchez titled, "Scandals and Vice in the EB-5 Program".    Apparently there are brokers that assist groups in establishing an EB-5 Regional Centers.  The Artisan Business Group is one such organization.   And of course immigration whor..attorneys are always happy to help the foreigners get these visas.

Selling Idaho

Source:  "The CORE" gallery of pictures

Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter has highlighted the EB-5 program as a “key element” of his effort to attract new foreign investment to Idaho as part of Project 60, his plan to grow the state’s annual gross domestic product to $60 billion from $52 billion.

“The value of U.S. residency, and being put on the fast track to citizenship, is an incredible tool to help us attract foreign investment in our Idaho businesses,” he said through a spokesman in response to the center’s creation. “We don’t want to miss this opportunity to infuse our economy with new investment that will stimulate job creation.”  Source:  EB-5  center OK’d: Company hopes to attract $50M in foreign funds


Idaho Targeted Employment Area Info   [pdf]

Project 60

"Project 60 is a comprehensive initiative to grow Idaho's Gross Domestic Product. Designed in three tiers to strengthen both rural and urban communities, the plan will create quality jobs for all Idahoans by fostering systemic growth, recruiting new companies to Idaho, and selling Idaho's trade and investment opportunities to the world."


EB-5 Regional Centers

While searching for information about the EB-5 Regional Centers and in particular, "The CORE" in Idaho, I found a link to a slide presentation in pdf format that describes the Regional Center Business Model.  I'm including the original link so that you can see where it came from, but I had problem getting the entire document to download so you may not be able to get the whole thing.  I finally did get it - and you can view it HERE.  When you look at it, you'll understand why I'm including the original link:

Original link:'s%20EB-5-Rick%20Ritter.pdf 

The following are slides from the slide presentation:


Slide 5

Slide 6

Slide 11


Quite a racket isn't it?  

A friend who recently became aware of Trojan Triangles found an article in the Idaho Statesman titled, "Gov. Butch Otter brings the herd into China at a gallop".  The following is an excerpt from that article:

Monday was "free" day for most of the participants, the only one scheduled in the trip, due in part to the long arduous flight and the unavoidable jet lag. But several companies had meetings Sunday including the Idaho State Regional Center, which is seeking to attract Chinese investors through a federal immigrant investor program the center offers them a green card to come to the U.S. if they invest $10 million and create 10 jobs.

Now look at Butch Otter's Project 60 again - "Project 60 is a comprehensive initiative to grow Idaho's gross domestic product from $51.5 billion to $60 billion".   Where do you suppose he is going to find that $8.5 billion?  Is our Governor just a taxpayer funded real estate salesman?   Selling the state where he is supposed to be serving the citizens of Idaho?  That's what it looks like to this writer. 

"Innovation Agenda"

The "Innovation" is that they devised a way to sell America out from under us - without us even knowing about it for the most part. 

TechConnect is yet another program that is part of Project 60.  It exists as the intermediary between taxpayer funded "research" through the national laboratories and universities and the beneficiary who is selected to receive all of the small business assistance provided by the state and federal government  to exploit the technology.  Formally, it's called technology transfer.  James Winebrake of MIT wrote a paper about technology transfer in 1990 that describes the concept titled, "An Analysis of Transfer Mechanisms for Federally Funded Research and Development".   

A few days ago when I first started researching TechConnect, there was a radio interview on the Idaho Business Coach website featuring Rick Ritter, CEO of TechConnect and "Fund the Frontier".   Darn.... the program doesn't seem to be there anymore.

But... not to worry.   I downloaded it and you can hear Rick Ritter talk about the EB-5 program.  Rick Ritter is the local Regional Center Czar who chooses the winners and losers in the sellout of America and American citizens.  

Roger Hawk - interview with Rick Ritter on the subject of the EB-5 program.  Click here for MP3


"The Growing Importance of Knowledge Innovation Zone Thinking in North America"   A 2009 index of zones. 

Washington Economic Development Commission, Regional Innovation & Jobs Summit  WATCH THE ARCHIVED WEBCAST!   If you have a problem figuring it out, send me an email and I'll tell you how to get to it.  Note:  They call the Trojan Triangles  "Innovation Ecosystem".   That's a good search term for more info on all of this. 

Nancy Pelosi - Innovation Agenda 2005  and Innovation Agenda 2009
TechNet Innovation Agenda
American Progress Center - National Innovation Agenda
San Diego "Connect"   (Trojan Triangle)   Video of Innovation awards   ***   this is a very "special" video.  Listen to the new products that have been developed with your tax dollars under the heading of "research". 


Business Incentives for Locating in Idaho  (Selling out Idaho Citizens)

I have to say, this is the most incredible scam I've ever seen in my entire life.  Benefits to business that locate here are documented on the Idaho Department of Commerce website and in a brochure produced by them.  In effect, Idaho taxpayers are subsidizing foreign businesses - including subsidies for jobs that are created and they are doing it in zones that are tax exempt and the state of Idaho will provide customized worker training programs for these businesses.  Absolutely astounding.  

Idaho Department of Commerce - Foreign Direct Investment 

Idaho State Department of Commerce Business Incentives Brochure

Taxpayer and Foreign Funded Small Business Factory System

Again, this is the most incredible thing I've ever seen.  They've set up a taxpayer funded small business factory system.  All of the groups involved in Project 60 are essentially a system for producing small businesses in an assembly line style.  The Small Business Development Center is run out of the universities and as I said in the Community section of this documentation on Trojan Triangles, the Universities are the King Makers.


The Project 60 website has a link off their page for the Idaho Small Business Development Center.  The front page says the following:

The Idaho Small Business Development Center (Idaho SBDC) is a university-based organization offering confidential no-cost business consulting and low-cost training to help small businesses and entrepreneurs start and grow. Idaho SBDC clients consistently outperform their peers.   pdf

The SBDC clients outperform their peers because of all the benefits and tax breaks they get from the connections they have.     It doesn't take long to put an existing small business out of business.  All you have to do is to bring in a heavily subsidized "competing" small business and within a few months to a year or so, the existing businesses will go out of business.   And that is the idea - to put out of business, the existing Idaho businesses that are not connected.  This isn't just crony capitalism.  It is the method to convert the U.S. economic system to a socialist (communist) system.

Back to the core..... (as in coring out the American small business sector - same as they've done with manufacturing and knowledge jobs.)


Work Based Learning

While "The CORE" is presented to the public and business community as a business park, it is actually an integral component in the transition of our economy to a communist system of labor management and economic control via the education system.   Before looking at this, refer back to Michael Porter and his clusters and competition schtick.  He proselytizes the path to "Innovation, Competition and Strategy" - with the strategy being to do a cluster study of the businesses in their area.  A cluster is a business sector of the economy along with the suppliers to the businesses (supply chain).   Once the business "targets" are identified, a zone or corridor is established like "The CORE"   to "create jobs by attracting new business"   and "attract a high quality workforce" - at least that 's what the propaganda says.   You got part of the story above with the information about the EB-5 "targeted employment areas"  and the foreign direct investment money (buying American citizenship - and funding new business startups via the 'Small Business Czar' who decides what small businesses to fund.  The following is "the rest of the story":


Education Corresponding to Business

The following slides were captured from a powerpoint presentation prepared by the Idaho Workforce Development Council (soviet). 




     Note:  this slide says high school, but that is a misrepresentation (lie).  This
     system begins teaching "workplace skills" in kindergarten.  The following is a
     link to a report on the curriculum development for technical careers for
     Grades 6 and 7.   Click HERE for the report.




In 1990, the National Center for Research in Vocational Education at Berkeley, published a paper by Robert Beck of the University of Minnesota.  It was titled, "Polytechnical Education - A Step".   The following is an abstract of the paper as it appears on ERIC, the U.S. Department of Education repository of information about education:

ABSTRACT: Relating vocational to academic programs in U.S. high schools is a challenge. Usually, more academic subjects are required for graduation, while vocational study is squeezed into the electives. This is not a balance; what is needed is an interaction between the academic and the vocational, the product of which is a general education persuasively stronger than what currently exists. Collaboration between teachers of vocational and academic studies will make academic studies more relevant and students will be less likely to drop out of school before graduation. Such a collaboration could be termed polytechnical education. The Soviet Union has developed a curriculum of polytechnical education, in an effort to establish "parity of esteem" of vocational and academic preparation. Soviet polytechnical education is rooted in the Marxist-Leninist ideology, which remains a powerful influence despite a move toward an economy responsive to the market. Soviet polytechnical education has different manifestations in rural and urban areas, but it has an essential structure. It can also facilitate vocational learning and career decision making. A polytechnical education system such as the Soviet Union has could be a step toward integrating academic and vocational education in the United States. (This paper contains an extension examination of the Soviet polytechnical system and 75 references.) (KC)

I purposefully did not give the link to the Powerpoint mentioned above because I wanted you to look at the slides and then read the abstract from Robert Beck's paper so you could see what the system is so that when you look at the powerpoint, you'll understand that they are talking all professions and all jobs in the entire economy and not just a few Trades for likely school drop-outs.   

Career Clusters, Idaho Workforce Development Council   (ppt)   (PDF)

And the best for last, this link is to a report produced by the Idaho Division of Professional and Technical Education.  It is titled, "Work-based Learning"  a manual of the system.   And please don't think this is just happening in Idaho.  This is a national plan for "transformation" of the American system of education and economy to the Soviet system.


Here is another abstract that contains a very important snippet of information relative to everything on this webpage:

Co-operative Education in Cincinnati: Implications for School-to-Work Programs in the U.S.

W. N. Grubb, J. C. Villeneuve

The recent school-to-work legislation mandates work-based learning, one form of which is cooperative education. Yet individuals developing these programs have so far had few models from which to learn. This report offers an in-depth study of cooperative education in the Cincinnati area, where it has had a long and successful history. The authors--Norton Grubb, NCRVE's Berkeley site director, and Jennifer Curry Villeneuve--describe conditions crucial to exemplary coop programs, including a "high-quality equilibrium" of students and work experiences, sustained by the commitment and close working relationships of employers and schools. Also explored are challenges such as equitable access, and the split between employers with educational motives and those who see coop students as short-term labor. This paper is an excellent resource for anyone developing a cooperative education program.

MDS-1045 / December 1995

And the statement that soviet polytechnical education being implemented under the "kinder and gentler" label of work-based learning is confirmed by this page on the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory website, "New Expectations for work-based learning"  which is a link off the "Critical Issue:  Developing Work-Based Learning Opportunities" webpage.

Work Based Learning

The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 called for zones to be established and managed by a Workforce Investment Board (a central planning soviet).  

Title I authorizes the new Workforce Investment System. State workforce investment
boards will be established and States will develop five-year strategic plans. Governors will designate local "workforce investment areas" and oversee local workforce investment boards.

Guidebook for Mayors on Leveraging the Workforce Investment Act of 1998

This 'Workforce Investment System' and 'Workforce Investment Areas'   are commonly referred to in the insider  circles as the 'Innovation Ecosystem'.  It is a program of providing federal and state funding and support for private profit.  The benefits they tout do not benefit the society as a whole.  In fact, with the international trade agreements, anything developed here will doubtless be exported for production to the same foreign countries that have already decimated our economy.  "The CORE" in Meridian, Idaho is a relatively new zone.  The San Diego Global Connect Zone is a mature zone.  But you can do a search on the term, "Innovation Ecosystem" and you will see that this is a cookie cutter system around the globe to create a special and separate economy for the selected elite and connected few.

Perception Management


The School-to-Work concept was sold on the idea that it would be for disadvantaged urban youth.  The truth is that it was a mandate for all American schools to implement the soviet system of polytechnical education for ALL American students for ALL institutions of learning.




Education activists are well aware of "school-to-work" as a concept for K-12.  But to see the real significance of it, especially for biomedical research, one must look at it from the point of view of "Work Based Learning"  at the college - and especially the graduate student level.

It's a system of exploitation of young people.  Virtually free labor for corporations that "partner" with the universities and government.



Excerpt from "The CORE" website

Health Section

ISU Meridian Health Science Center offers 25 programs of graduate and undergraduate study, including expansion of the university’s world-renowned pharmacy program, fast-track nursing, physician-assistant studies, clinical lab science, audiology, speech-language pathology, counseling, paramedic science, public health and dietetics.



Do the math.  Free student labor engaged in "work based learning" over time for businesses located in "The CORE" and connected to "The CORE".


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