Uniformity is the root of all evil

Since the agenda that I write about is global, I became acquainted with a fellow in the UK who is doing for his country, the same thing that I'm trying to do for ours.  He found a group in the UK called "Common Purpose" and has been exposing their corrupting influence.  They seem to be a parasitic, globalist management training organization that has insinuated themselves into the UK government. 

The agenda is in fact global and the pond scum who are implementing the systems of "global governance"  are all following the same playbook.   Recently, my friend discovered a very important connection between the media, the government and East Anglia University which was the location of Climategate.  The connection is a man named Richard Jewson.  

Climategate is the name given to the exposure of the statistical fraud that was being used as evidence of global warming.  Global warming - climate change is at the intellectual core of the ideology to justify the implementation of "global governance" which really means conversion to a system where rules for use of resources and living in general are made at the global level - and will apply to everyone living on the planet.  The propaganda for the redistribution of wealth and the implementation of command and control systems to control resource utilization is balance.   It's effectively the high tech rise of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Mao but without the militarized crazy man as the focal point for leadership.  This time, the crazy men are hidden inside the fiber but we know them through their systems design.  



Recently when the scandal hit the British press regarding the hacking of a phone by a member of Rupert Murdoch's staff, my UK friend started sending me some of the stories.  I haven't been following it too closely because I know that when the press blows a story all out of proportion, it's a media game for a social purpose.  It's always a demonstration project for why something needs to change - and the men in the fiber have just the solution. 

Today, I received an article printed in the Telegraph titled, How Labour's 'favorite lobbyist' is pushing hacking campaign.  You've got to love this... at the top of the article, actor Hugh Grant on his cell phone with a sign in the background "Hacked off"  Campaign for a public inquiry into phone hacking.   No, no... of course not... no staging there - just a lucky coincidence for the photographer. 

Hugh Grant is the "face"  of the Hacked Off campaign which was sponsored by Sovereign Strategy

'Sovereign Strategy' grabbed my attention because there is a Sovereign Citizen movement in the U.S., Australia and Canada I believe. When looking at the global social networks, it's not the specifics of what a group is working on that's important, it's the direction they move that's important.  In the UK, Sovereign Strategy is promoting the idea of "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR) program.   About six years ago, I found the United Nations Global Compact that was established to bring about "Corporate Social Responsibility"  - at least by appearances which is all that really matters in this "New World".   "Corporate Social Responsibility" defines oxymoron as does "Sovereign Strategy" promoting the global agenda. 

Here's the link to the page I did about six years ago. 

New Federalism    Scroll down for the diagram of the Global Compact.

This is the organizational structure of the global system and you can see why we are having such a hard time stopping this global agenda.  The U.S. government has been infiltrated with socialists the same as the U.K government.  The social networks have proliferated like fleas on a dog's back in summer and chances are that most people involved in them don't even understand the global agenda - because the campaigns are wrapped in local packaging. 

By their systems design, ye shall know them

Here are some excerpts from the article about Sovereign Strategy:  

Sovereign Strategy has also received highly critical coverage for paying tens of thousands of pounds to serving MPs and peers, defying a ban on the practice by the lobbying trade body, the Association of Professional Political Consultants.

The North East Economic Forum, run by Sovereign Strategy, organised a networking event with three ministers on the margins of a regional Cabinet meeting. Businessmen were charged 5,000 to attend.

Sovereign Strategy says it stopped paying parliamentarians in 2007.

Two years later, The Sunday Times reported that Lord Moonie had offered to help with amending laws for 30,000, saying "the thing about the Lords is there's virtually nothing they can do" about breaches of the rules.

Of course, just the mention of an "economic forum" grabbed my total attention so I searched on that name and was not surprised to find that this forum serves the same purpose as our local economic development groups like the Boise Economic Development Partners (BVEP) which I discovered in connection with the Star story I did and also in connection with "The CORE" and the Boise Airport foreign trade zone. 

North East Economic Forum    You have to read past the culture specific writing and look at the nuts and bolts of what they are doing and promoting - not only because of the cultural differences - but also because all countries are at different stages in implementing the global agenda. 

Link to their past events    notice   "Bridging the Skills Gap"     

The BVEP's website following the link for 'Workforce Innovation' brings up a page titled, "Workforce"   after the labor statistics, scroll down and look for the link "Idaho's Workforce Development Training Program".  It goes to the Idaho State Department of Labor - "Job Training for Expanding Business".  

Having determined that the same pattern exists, I went back to North East Economic Forum and found this youtube video of a man named Alan Donnelly from Sovereign Strategy speaking at the North East Economic Forum.  

Alan Donnelly, Sovereign Strategy speaking at the North East Economic Forum  ** very important **

Another article from 2005 precisely parallels the debate this country is having on education.  The reason obviously is because the system that is being implemented is a global system of labor management and control implemented through the education system - wrapped in local wrapping paper.   

I've written quite a lot about it - and it's the reason I jumped on the story of "The CORE" in Meridian.   When I first read about the "reform" of the American system of education, it was the trigger for me to start looking at the systems of government  which of course, led me to discover the "reinvention of government"  and the whole global agenda has rolled out in front of me.  The following is one of my early pieces.  I'm giving the link to it because the language I used is blunt:  

Guest Worker Program:  Slave Trading and Management System   

In the Trojan Triangle piece I wrote, listen to Jorge Gerdau talk about the fact that corporations won't be competing with each other, rather it will be "regions of people competing with other regions of people". 

This is Sun Tzu's war.  Know your enemy.  Know the systems.   


Vicky Davis
July 23, 2011