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August 2009 Archive


Virtual Economy

Estimate for 10-Year Deficit Raised to $9 Trillion

Bernanke's Next Tasks Will Be Undoing His First

Peter Orszag - Why He Matters

Orszag - Bio

Administrative Coup d'etat

What Does It Mean To Be A Jelly Bean    (mathematical gamesmanship)

The Great Swindle           Updated Links


08/25/2009 Circulating Pandemic Flu Conference

Vicky's Rants:  Dear Diary

UN News Story - 2005

AMA Logo Change

World Health Organization
American Medical Association

Global Health

H1N1 Statistics

08/20/2009 Same as 08/18/2009
08/18/2009 Subject - Human Genome Project, Genetics Testing and Nationalized Medical Records

Human Genome Project
Nationalized Medical Records

First Designer Baby To Be Born in UK  (looks like interesting website)

Spain 2nd country to allow genetic testing on embryos,spain-allows-genetic-screening-to-prevent-cancer.html

Genetic Counseling

Preventing Breast Cancer before birth

Implications for clinical services in Britain and the U.S.

Baby to be born free of breast cancer after embryo screening