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October 2009 Archive

10/29/2009 Houston is bankrupt

3 Futures - The Tellus Institute

Carlton Bartels -  Cantor Fitzgerald   CO2e   Greenhouse Gas Trading  -  September 4, 2001 

January 8, 2001 - Ted Turner announces the "Nuclear Threat Initiative"

Ted Turner Audio Clip     -   Ted Turner is America's Maurice Strong

Privatizing Government:   

"The Gore Report on Reinventing Government"    aka   Government report titled, "From Red Tape to Results:  Creating a Government That Works Better and Costs Less"

"The Spy on your Desk"

Nuclear Threat Initiative

10/27/2009 Continuing - The Knowledge Gap  - 1993 Blake Island

In the beginning - APEC, formed in 1989 as an Australian Initiative - Canberra, AU

"The Spy on your Desk"

The Octopus  -  Powerpoint


10/22/2009 same as 10/20/2009
10/20/2009 The Knowledge Gap

And Bogar

1994 - Moynihan - Opening Speech on WTO Debate

1994 - Hollings - Fact Check - Truth about GATT

Bogor Declaration

Osaka Action Plan to Meet Bogor Goals

White House Fact Sheet - 2001

Sustainable Development in Schools - Globe Program



10/13/2009 Discovering History - The Helsinki Final Act

Timeline to the North American Union   (Note:  pdf - Timeline begins on page 6)


10/08/2009 China & Misc

Devvy Kidd article - in particular, the inclusion of the article UK Telegraph on November 3, 2001 regarding September 11th, 2001.

April Fool's Day  2001

The mention of China celebrating 9-11 in the UK article reminded me of some research I did on China - also focused on the year 2001.
I should redo the page because when I did it, I was more focused on NAFTA so the end of it could have been a lot better but I didn't know at the time what I was looking at in it's entirety.
Concerning China's port activities -
10/01/2009 Fake Economic Boom at the Bottom

Continued from September 28