The Zone of Insanity

Several years ago Debbie Niwa found a speech given by then Senator Joe Biden over a 3 day period in 1992.  The title of the speech, The Threshold of the New World Order: The Wilsonian Vision and American Foreign Policy in the 1990's and Beyond.  I was reviewing the speech as I was pondering the question, "Is Joe Biden the real leader of Al Qaeda?"  The reason I'm posing that question is because of revelations of the past week or so.  First came the connection between Libya Ambassador Chris Stevens and the technocratic agenda of the Global Health System.  Next, a couple of days ago, in an email, I wrote about General Carter Ham, the outgoing Commander of Africom, and his speech given at Howard University in which he said his mission in Africa was the following:

Countering extremist organizations and threats in Africa - manifests as "undermining governance of those countries and establishing their own regime of control outside of legitimate government control".

Put another way, the extremist organizations are attempting to establish what I called a logical island in some of my research, a Trojan Triangle in other places with the legal definition of the physical location of the Triangle being an an intermodal commerce zone aka inland port.  The inland ports are the final form of an intermodal commerce zone both of which serve the same objective as free trade zones/special economic zones/foreign trade zones in other countries.  The objective is to have a legally defined, bounded land area that is exempt from the laws applied to other areas in a country.  In other words, a self-governing logical island, separate and apart from the rest of the country. 

These zones essentially become "their own regime of control outside legitimate government control".  How? Through international law pertaining to trade through landlocked countries.  As I understand it, Admiralty Law follows a cargo vessel (truck, train, ship, etc.) from point of origin to point of destination including all ports-of-call in between.  The ports by definition whether on a sea coast or logically defined as a zone in a landlocked country, then become international zones - under a separate legal system than the nation-state in which they reside.  The Port Authority has essentially the same powers over their (his) jurisdiction as the captain of a ship has over the ship. 

State of the Ship of State:   Hijacked by Pirates

Conceptually, this fits the idea of the African extremist groups to have a self-governing area under their control within the boundaries of existing nation-states.   Africom is supposedly trying to prevent them from establishing these zones.  But are they really?  Or are they just using American military force to ensure that the "right people" achieve control over a strategic port - separate and apart from the nation-state within which it resides?  From a business standpoint, those zones as part of a system of global economic zones (globally connected ports for international commerce) would not only be incredibly profitable, they would be able to control the world's economy and as a consequence, all the world's people.   For this reason, the global port-zoning system should be considered a military strategy for domination rather than an economic strategy for trade.

Yesterday, I was listening to Alex Jones and he mentioned "self-governing zone".  I didn't get the context because I tuned in late so I did a search on the term and found an interesting story out of Cambodia that is very revealing because it is compacted, current and familiar to other stories both here in the U.S. and in other countries.   When you find these parallel stories, it's clear that this is a global strategy for control.  It's just not being reported as such.   

Cambodian Security forces kill teenage girl    

Provincial official Sar Chamrong said government forces had secured the area and were hunting for five accused ringleaders who had escaped. He claimed the protesters were trying to set up a self-governing zone outside of the law. Authorities say the land is owned by the government, but villagers say the previously state-owned land already has been awarded to a Russian company.

Fugitive Arrest Leads to Protest

The May clashes occurred after about 1,000 village families refused a government order to vacate state land in Broma village they had occupied for farming and which activists said had been awarded as a concession to Russian firm Casotim wanting to set up a rubber plantation.

Hun Sen had condemned the villagers’ actions in the land dispute in a nationally televised speech in June, saying they were part of a secession plot attempting to create a “state within a state.”

Bun Ratha has denied the charges that he led Broma villagers in the clash with armed military personnel as part of an effort to establish a self-governing zone, saying he was “framed” by the government.

Land Rights Activist Should Come to Court



It seems to this writer that the only difference in this global strategy from one country to the next, is the degree to which the society has been "civilized" and the level of educational attainment of the population.  In the Middle East, the people are still basically tribal and they are steeped in religiosity so the global strategy is militarized.  In other countries such as ours, the strategy is executed commercially - using trade and foreign direct investment (money, money and more money) as the honey pot enticement to the trap of international ports as self-governing zones separate and apart from the rest of the nation-state. 

Bringing this discussion back around to the United States, the intermodal commerce zone concept tied to foreign trade zones combined with technocratic control of a city's infrastructure through the smart grid and surveillance systems provides the mechanism of control over the city.  These zones as "self-governing" areas attached to a global control grid become the means for "collective global security"  and by definition, invisible totalitarian control over the population centers of the world.

Under Agenda 21 and the domestic version of the plan, the idea is to herd most of the people into the population centers - see MegaCities and MegaRegions for the Americanized version of this global plan.    


Vicky Davis
February 10, 2013

P.S.  Listen to Gen. Stanley McChrystal relative to what I've written understanding that in the Middle East, the saviors bring the technocratic tyranny and control zones with them - i.e. the 'Green Zone' in Baghdad.  It almost sounds as if Afghanistan and Iraq were missions for training for full spectrum dominance technologies.