SIMS, Certificates and America's Job Bank

A System for Government Management
and Control of the U.S. Labor Market


One facet of the Student Information System (SIMS) that has not received much attention is the ‘Certificate of Mastery’ concept.  This is an integral component of the ‘Human Resources Management’  planned by the U.S. Dept of Labor and the U.S. Dept of Education.  It is a socialist dream come true for the management of the national work force.  It is also the way ‘our’ government plans on implementing the ‘free movement of persons’ as commodities as specified in the Uruguay Round of the WTO agreement to sell our economic infrastructure out from under us and dissolve our nation through the ‘free trade’ con-game.


There are several pieces to this puzzle and they have been implemented over about a 15-year period.   The following is a brief description of each of the major pieces:


1.  The 1990 Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) initiated a project to define the standard set of job specifications and qualifications that an applicant would need to fill the job so that a ‘certificate’ of skills attainment for that job would mean the same thing across the country.


a.  Every job in the U.S. must have a formal description of the skills (hard and soft) that are required for the particular job.


b. Johns-Hopkins designed an assessment and certification system for schools


2.   The concept is to have the schools integrate workplace skills and vocational training programs into the schools and have the schools issue certificates for those ‘skills’.  


a. The U.S. Department of Labor then wrote an implementation guide on how to implement the SCANS system in the schools and how to integrate workplace skills into the curriculum.   Skip past the blah, blah, blah Intro and go right to the detail of what they have been implementing in the schools - into the curriculum. 


3.  The state Workforce Development System then uses the same set of job descriptions and skills requirements along with the associated certificate.  This is so that when the school and Workforce Development systems are integrated, an employer can retrieve all candidates having the skill certificates he requires for his job listing.  The employer can also review prior job history and ‘assessments’ that are on the system - school and job history.  In other words, the applicant’s school and work records become an electronic resume complete with recommendations or warnings if the previous employers gave bad reviews - or if some teacher wrote a negative assessment for the class clown.


This is where we get to the really fun part of this ‘human resources control’ system. 


The state Workforce Development Systems are networked together for a national system of available jobs throughout the U.S. known as America’s Job Bank.    The number of qualified Americans available for the jobs listings are identified through their 'Certificates of Mastery'. At this point - the certificate really becomes more of a license to work because this system is available to all 6 BILLION people on earth - or the number of people with Internet connections - and they are all vying for the available jobs in the U.S. 


Theoretically, the governments of other countries provide education equivalent to U.S. education so that the ‘certificates’ actually mean the same thing.  Obviously however, there is great incentive to cheat so that over populated countries can dump their excess population into the U.S.  China, India, and Mexico come to mind but the same is true for all countries that have poor and/or exclusive systems of education.


The Secretary of Labor is the manager of the system.  She/He becomes the ‘Trade Authority’ for the human trafficking of workers - or as they politely put it in the Uruguay Trade Agreement ‘free movement of people’ in one of the four modes.  If there are more jobs than American workers with the certified skills, she can authorize ‘working papers’ as she deems necessary to fulfill the demands of the U.S. employers.  


This system also gives the Secretary of Labor control over the price of labor.  If she feels that the demand for a skill set has driven the price up too high for a particular skill set, she can authorize visas for imported workers to drive the price down to the point the government feels is appropriate for that skill set. 


Of course the game with employers becomes one of adding so many different skills to a job definition that nobody could realistically have the skills - except somebody from a third world country who is willing to work for about half the amount or less than an American is paid for the job IF they actually had the skills and job experience listed. 


This scam is already going on right now in this country and the employers are using the inability to find these ‘super-workers’ as justification to get Congress to increase the quotas of temporary worker visas like H-1B, L1, etc.  And it works because Congress LOVES that campaign cash and the free trips to India to see Silicon Valley's new location. 


George Bushwhacker has already asked to eliminate the quotas of visas in his ‘guest worker’ proposal.  In fact, some of the ‘immigration reform’ bills in Congress will eliminate quotas on visas to push us into this socialist system of a government managed labor market.  This system of control of labor is a dream come true for the fascist corporate interests and it makes clear the symbiotic relationship between fascism and communism.  The only difference is what side of the money line you are on.  Money buys you freedom from the control system.