Keith All Red <not> For Governor  


Yesterday's revelation was that Keith Allred, a professional facilitator was working for U.S. Attorney Thomas Moore and Attorney General Wasden on Indian issues.  He quit when he decided to run for Governor of the State of Idaho.

I did a search on Keith Allred to find out who he is – and now I know.  Keith Allred is a “Commonist”.  That’s not a misspelling.  It is the corrected word for the mistranslation of the Russian word for Communist.  Communists are social engineers who implement the Communist System.   In the link that follows, I explain the system of Commonism aka Communism. 

The Scourge of Collectivism    -    Gang Warfare Against the Individual

 Here is the Allred for Governor website      

(love the name Allred – it’s perfect - right out in the open.  It must give the cell quite a chuckle).


Keith runs a group called “Common Interest”.

And he has a consulting business specializing in facilitation

Before returning to Idaho to work on Indian issues, Keith was at Harvard working on Indian issues -


Local officials approached Keith Allred, assistant professor of public policy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government and an Idaho native, after Allred gave a talk to a group of city and town administrators about negotiating.

After discovering that both sides were willing to accept his help, Allred asked Joe Kalt, Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy and head of the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development, if he'd be willing to lend a hand. Kalt agreed. Greg Carr, the benefactor of the Kennedy School's Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, agreed to finance the costs of the project while Kalt's efforts were supported by the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation.


According to the Harvard Project of American Indian Economic Development, it’s about:

Honoring Nations             (and don’t forget to scroll down for a look at the program supporters)

But according to Jefferson Keel, the leader of the National Congress of American Indians, it’s about becoming sovereign nations – elevating reservations to the level of states – but dealing with the U.S. government nation to nation  ( but oh by the way…. Keep the government handouts coming).    (Reference Jefferson Keel, National Press Club Speech on 1/29/10


National Congress of American Indians

And look… here he is in India.  This Allred man really gets around.

“Dominion”  - interesting name choice for a website in India.     Take a look at the Wiki:    (I mean really look at it)  

And look at this…

The Oxford school where ALL RED is a faculty member is actually the:

Saϊd Business School of Oxford

Established in 1996, Oxford University’s Saïd Business School is one of Europe’s youngest and most entrepreneurial business schools, with a reputation for innovative business education.

And we find that he’s been on the faculty for the Programme of Negotiation at Oxford since 2003.

A member of the faculty of the Oxford Programme on Negotiation at the Saïd Business School since 2003. Keith teaches and researches negotiation, conflict resolution and leadership. He currently consults and teaches in a half dozen executive programmes, some at Harvard, where for many years he was a professor at the Kennedy School and taught at the Law School’s Program on Negotiation. Prior to that, he was a professor at Columbia University. He has consulted for Fortune 500 companies, U.S. agencies and the government of Northern Ireland.

 where several of his fellow faculty members are leaders of ‘Common Purpose’.


Heather Katz 

"She has also been Programme Director for Common Purpose in Oxfordshire"

Elizabeth Paris (note connections to banking - JP Morgan) 


She continues to work as a consultant with various investment banks, but has also broadened her experience into social enterprise working with the international leadership development organisation Common Purpose.

Why does commonism need facilitators?   Because their job is to convince you that you should give up your property, your water rights, your personal liberties "for the common good".  The reality is that they are just highly professionally trained confidence artists who use manufactured "victims" as tools to steal what you have with a little going to victims and most of the booty going to the commonists. 

In the alternate media, I’ve been hearing some very nasty things about “Common Purpose”  which is not surprising actually because they are “commonist social engineers”.

Common Purpose for the People

Stop Common Purpose 

Traitorous UK 'Common Purpose' Shills For NWO 

Cremation of Care


Common Purpose at Davos – World Economic Forum – so they are hob nobbying with the big boyz

And going back to the Harvard Project and what they are doing:


Reloading the Dice:  Indian Economic Development


Sovereignty and Nation Building


So what I’ve been working up to tell you is that what is going on in this country is a communist (commonist) revolution and the Ford Foundation, Harvard and their international communist faculty are facilitating a revolution – turn over in power and wealth from the bottom to the middle – because the top never gets turned over.   

And that’s why our state legislators need to understand the big picture of what’s happening.  They need to acknowledge it and fight it head on because you can’t kill this snake by nipping at the tail.   

And I don’t think I need to tell you what will happen if they don’t.  Just read the history of communist revolutions because they use the same playbook every time. 


Vicky Davis

February 2, 2010

P.S. I should also add that a lot of good people get involved in the "stakeholder" groups of the commonists.  That's the idea - to trick you into thinking that you are working towards "the solution".  They are pros - you are not.  These people are criminals and they come at you from all sides - like vultures on a dying animal.  To effectively fight them off and run them out, you have to understand the game.  And I hope now you do.