The Innovation Agenda

The Innovation Agenda is a pure socialist system that tries to emulate capitalism.  It's run out of the universities (university-led economy) with the university system selecting the winners and losers with the technology transfer system and the small business incubator system.  It provides huge subsidies for the large corporations - allowing them to offload their R & D costs on the public - and the social costs of the imported foreign students needed to feed the system. 

The design of the education system for "lifelong learning", retraining and certifications ensures university control of the economic lives of the population - and the country.  That's why you have people who are allegedly entrepreneurs who are serial small business starters.  It's because of the university support for "the connected"  -  and they are sucking the life's blood out of the real economy (or what's left of it).   

This socialist model can been seen clearly at "The CORE" in Meridian, ID - with the Governor of Idaho going to the COMMUNIST Chinese looking for Foreign Direct Investment for this socialist system.  It will mean conversion of our economy and our country to the Chinese model of communism. 

The joke on the voting public is that the Republicans are supporting small business creation for economic recovery - while the Democrats are supporting education as key -  so effectively both parties are supporting the same programs for the same agenda  -   The Innovation Agenda


Sunday, April 30, on C-Span Communicators, the guest was:   

The Communicators
Peter Cleveland, VP of Intel, Global Public Policy Group

Program ID 298602-1
First Aired Apr 30, 2011
Duration  30 minutes

Technology Innovation Agenda  -   "Investing in innovation and job competitiveness"

Listen to the program first, then come back and look at the links below to find out what he was really talking.   The term "innovation" has a meaning different than the dictionary definition.  It's a concept word that is used to describe the Trojan Triangle university-small business incubator system.  It's government welfare for corporations - designed for foreign students.  You get a hint of that when he talks about immigration reform.  

Towards the end of the program, he says that he spent 18 years working for Senator Diane Feinstein.  Whoa!    I was listening to the program again as I was writing this - THEY CUT OFF THE END OF THE PROGRAM WHERE HE SAID HE WAS AN AIDE TO DIANE FEINSTEIN!!

No matter, here is the info from Senator Diane Feinstein's website when he was promoted to Chief of Staff for Feinstein:

And the announcement when he went to work for Intel:

The "innovation" agenda is government funded applied research through the universities in "partnership" with corporations, government selection of winners in the economy by giving them the assistance to start a business, and then government providing government contracts to many of them to keep them going.  It's the conversion of our economy to the communist model of government control of the economy - driven out of the universities.  And... it was set up primarily for foreign students.  So it's a double screw to you.  

Innovation Ecosystem

These links are primarily for biomedical research because it's the biggest beneficiary of the "innovation ecosystem", but technology for any segment of our economy is being funded through the same system.  It's taxpayer funded research and development that doesn't benefit the majority of the American people.  

National Science Foundation - Innovation Ecosystem

IBM - Triangle Innovation

Universities as Economic Engines

Milbergs - Innovation Ecosystem

2008 George W. Bush, University-Private Sector Research Partnership in the Innovation Ecosystem

San Diego - Global Connect - Innovation Ecosystem

Global Connect - Commercialization of University Research, RIF



Global Connect - Commercialization of University Research, RIF

1995 - Office of Technology Assessment (govt), Innovation and Commercialization of Emerging Technologies


This is the welfare that should be cut - corporate welfare - not only because of the money but because they are setting up to commit crimes against humanity with applied biomedical research on human populations.  It's the networked, electronic medical record that will allow them to do it without the victim (patient) being aware.

Oklahoma:   Genetics ~ Eugenics - Coming Out

Health Care "Reform"

21st Century Manhattan Project: Real Time Biomedical Research on Human Populations

Vicky Davis
April 30, 2011