The Color Purple

Loose Change

Pandora's Box



Insurance Fraud...

The Port Authority was under court order to dismantle the World Trade Center to remove the asbestos.  They couldn't legally demolish the buildings because of the health hazards that could be anticipated by the toxic dust from controlled demolition.

Advanced preparation of official story line - 9/11 Creating the Myth

NORAD on 9/11

Plan for a "Live Fire" Training Exercise 
Matches 9-11 Scenario

FEMA Arrives in NYC on September 10

Deconstructing the Naudetsí propaganda film

The War Games of September 11th

Project Censored - War Games

BBC - WTC 7 collapse reported 30 minutes before it happened

Cynthia McKinney questions Gen. Richard Meyers re: 9/11 war games




Questions About NORAD's Future

General Ralph Eberhard, Commander of NORAD on 9-11 promoted to head up Northern Command in 2002


NORAD Seal -  Click for HiRes









Thomas Barnett - from the transcript (page 7) of a C-Span televised presentation, "Military in the 21st Century"

A New Ordering Principle

Take that map, take that definition of crisis, talk about how we are going to change DOD, I will make an argument about ordering principle =


I will say it is a core conflict model around which everything is

how you become a flag - most importantly how you become a flag.

You change career paths, you change the military in about 8-10 years.  Frankly I would like to see all flags become totally purple. All admirals and generals once they reach flag rank, they lose all service identity.  As soon as that happens, I can really start smashing some rice bowls. And in 10 years Iíll have a dramatically different military because everybody who wants to become a flag will understand thatís the price - not just jointness, way beyond jointness.


Bush Family Connections

Shock and Awe

Treason By Trade

Economic Treason

Secret Armies