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North American Union

Treason on the Installment Plan




What is the North American Union?   Look at the European Union and substitute "North American" for European.  Substitute the names of European countries for the states of the United States plus the countries of the Americas.   We are about a decade behind the European Union in consolidating power in the unelected, undemocratic supranational governing body.  We're still in the stage of integrating economies through 'free trade', but as soon as that is done, they will name this monster, the North American Union.

In the history of the European Union (link above), it states:

A key activity of the EU is the establishment and administration of a common single market, consisting of a customs union, a single currency (adopted by 12 of the 25 member states), a Common Agricultural Policy and a Common Fisheries Policy. On 29 October 2004, European heads of government signed a Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, which is currently awaiting ratification by individual member states.

On November 29, 1994, Congressman Bill Richardson placed a speech titled "Free Trade for the Americas: Next Steps" by Ambassador Abelardo L. Valdez into the Congressional Record.  In the speech, Valdez says the following:

...our hemispheric neighborhood and the world have changed dramatically, and the small seed planted at Punta del Este is in the process of blossoming into a hemispheric free trade area, and, I predict, into a future Common Market of the Americas. The North American Free Trade Agreement (`NAFTA') has set the stage for achieving free trade throughout the Americas and strengthening the economic and political relations between the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The North American Union is the integration of the United States, Canada and Mexico initially. The integration of our economies, harmonization of laws, open borders and national treatment de facto means the disintegration of these countries as sovereign nations. Ultimately it will include all of the countries of North and South America into one big non-descript region.  

The concept of it is exactly the same as the European Union.  In Europe it began as the Common Market.  Using the ploy of 'free trade' and the promise of increased prosperity, the people of Europe were persuaded to give up economic sovereignty to a higher level authority called the European Union.  Precisely the same thing is being done to the United States except that our spineless politicians and mainstream media are too cowardly to broach the subject in a straightforward manner.  Obviously the integration of the United States into a larger regional governance structure is treason.  It subverts the U.S. Constitution and it places the American people under the authority of an unelected, undemocratic governing structure that is hidden from the view of the people.


The "New European Soviet"
Source:  New American, Sept 2004

"...former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev visited Britain in 2000, he accurately described the European Union as "the new European Soviet." He said this with obvious approval, since he sees the evolving EU as fulfilling his vision of a "common European home" stretching "from the Atlantic to the Urals,"










NAFTA Preamble

Security & Prosperity

Because the idea that our own government officials would commit national suicide is so repugnant and unthinkable, it is useful at this point to look at statements from official government websites so that we can be assured that it is real and not just some wild imaginings of 'conspiracy theorists'. 

Caution: Since the 1980's, language has been used to mask the truth of what is being discussed.  The use of the word 'partnership' is case in point.  It sounds friendly and nice - neighborly.  You have to peel off the mask of language and use the real words the words that accurately describe what they are talking about.  "Partnership" means integration - integration of law and the functions of our governments - which by definition means the disintegration of national sovereignty.  

George Bush and Vincente Fox launch the U.S.-Mexico Partnership for Prosperity   Joint Statement - September 6, 2001    More - scroll down for dates Sept 4th thru Sept 7th.  State Dept: Partnership for Prosperity.

April 21, 2001 (before September 11, 2001 & "terrorism"), Fact Sheet: President's Speech at the Summit of the Americas - Quebec City

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America

Joint Statement - North American Leaders Unveil 'Partnership' 

North American Partnership Offers Agenda of Prosperity

North American Partnership Offers Agenda of Security

SPP.Gov  - Partnership in Treason Website

Canada - Partnership for Prosperity

Trade and Integration of the Americas

U.S. State Department - Issues for the 107th Congress (2001)

"President Fox has been urging an expanded European Union-like conception of NAFTA"


Jerome Corsi filed a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request for documents relating to the Security & Prosperity Partnership.  He received over 1,000 documents that can be viewed HERE. 


Inter-American Agreements, Conventions and Other Documents


The first summit was held in Punta del Este, Uruguay in 1967.  The idea right from the start was to create a Common Market - integrating the economies, first of the Latin American countries and then the North American countries. 

"Economic integration demands a major sustained effort to build a land transportation network and to improve transportation systems of all kinds so as to open the way for the movement of both people and goods throughout the Continent; to establish an adequate and efficient telecommunications system; to install inter-connected power systems; and to develop jointly international river basins, frontier regions, and economic areas which include the territory of two or more countries."


President Lyndon B. Johnson

Timeline of Progress Towards the North American Union

Additions to the Timeline

1972 - Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment This agreement called for cooperation between countries on their border regions.  It was following this declaration that Rockefeller initiated the formation of the Trilateral Commission.   [More on the Trilateral Commission]

1981 - U.S.-Mexico Binational Commission was established by Ronald Reagan

1983 - Ronald Reagan signed the La Paz Agreement creating an international zone in our border states.  The La Paz Agreement was a stepping stone to harmonize laws and to integrate U.S. Government departments with Mexican Government Departments.

2001 - George Bush and Vincente Fox launch the U.S.-Mexico Partnership for Prosperity   Joint Statement - September 6, 2001    More - scroll down for dates Sept 4th thru Sept 7th.  State Dept: Partnership for Prosperity.

Trinational Elites Map North American Future   [PDF]

Vincente Fox - Address to Congress on September 6, 2001




Public Enemy No. 1

David Rockefeller

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."
David Rockefeller Baden-Baden, Germany 1991

Hidden Face of Globalization


Hemispheric Integration

The most visible initiative in the integration plan is the transportation system.  A private system of toll roads for international commerce is being built in the United States.  The toll roads are privatized Interstate highways that will be expanded to go from Mexico to Canada.  These road systems will have 'inland ports' also known as intermodal-commerce zones which correspond to the Communist Chinese Export Zones.  There are several corridor routes going from Mexico to Canada.  These corridors effectively break up the United States.  They leave an open shot at America's heartland for quick and easy enemy penetration - especially for COMMUNIST China if they so choose. 



Transportation Corridors Plan


International Highway Plan





Trans-Texas Corridor

"Moving into Prosperity" - General Summary
"Moving into Prosperity" - Executive Summary
U.S. Dot - Trans-Texas Corridor Overview
Trans-Texas Corridor - Keep Texas Moving Org
Sourcewatch - NASCO
Open Secrets - NASCO Lobbying Expenditures


Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative  [pdf]

Notice that the destination cities line up with the Trans-Texas Corridor map and the Canamex map.

The “Shanghai to Chicago” Opportunity for Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor

Canadian Foundation for the Americas

      North American Integration: Back to Basics

      Challenges Confronting Free Trade of the Americas

      Magna Carta of the Americas (Note: Colin Powell was in Lima Peru on September 11, 2001 to sign the Inter-American Democratic Charter). 



CANAMEX Governor's MOU's 2003

CANAMEX - Safety & Security Issues - 2003

Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne's end-of-session tantrum over money for CANAMEX. 

USTR - MOU for Government Procurement


CANAMEX Corridor Coalition
Council of the Americas (Rockefeller) Background Report on CANAMEX
Arizona DOT - Introduction to Canamex
Arizona Governor - Executive Order 2003-19 - Amending and Continuing 2001-5

CANAMEX - Smart Tourist System - Final Report
CANAMEX Corridor.com 

Congressional Hearing on Cross Border Truck and Bus Operations

See Adobe Page 81 (p.77) - Testimony of Joan Claybrook, Public Citizen
       "There is a fatal flaw in NAFTA.  It sets a deadline for

NAFTA Agreement - Regional Agreement

NAFTA Final Text - Link from USTR

Illegal aliens are 'service providers' under international trade agreements

Chapter 12 - Cross Border Trade in Services

Article 1202: National Treatment

1. Each Party shall accord to service providers of another Party treatment no less favorable than that it accords, in like circumstances, to its own service providers.

2. The treatment accorded by a Party under paragraph 1 means, with respect to a state or province, treatment no less favorable than the most favorable treatment accorded, in like circumstances, by that state or province to service providers of the Party of which it forms a part.

U.S. Federal Highway Administration
U.S. Mexico Binational Trade Corridors

Trans-Texas Corridor

"The proposed system will be a network of transportation corridors (routes) incorporating separate lanes for passenger vehicles and trucks, rail lines for high-speed passenger and freight rail, and a dedicated utility zone. Components in the system may incorporate existing and new highways, railways, and utility rights-of-way where practical. Up to 366 meters (1,200 feet) wide in some places, the corridor is designed to move people and freight faster and more safely through Texas, from Mexico to the Oklahoma border." Antonio Palacios



Intermodal Commerce Zones 

Regionalism - Strategy To Decommission Elected, Representative Government

Harmonization of Laws (aka "Deep Integration")

NAFTA - Chapter 11 - "The Blackmail Government Provision"

Merging Financial Systems and Currency

Working Groups

World System Build On Fraud

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Condi Rice - Remarks at 34th Anniversary

Compact for North American Competiveness

Using Trade To Break Nations

North American Forum: The Secret Cabal of Trinational Elites


Confronting The Threat on the Southwest Border - Congressional Report


More Links To Interesting Documents on Government Websites

Partnership for Prosperity - Progress Reports to Bush and Fox





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Asia - "Partnership for Prosperity"