Civil Terrorism

Fight the system - not the symptoms

For the moment, our nightmare of the immigration reform legislation is over - but rest assured it will be back - and it will take an equally massive demonstration of opposition to defeat it when it does come back.   No doubt the majority of Americans are scratching their heads wondering, 'what the hell happened?'  Why did it require such a massive effort to defeat this legislation when it clearly was not in the interest of America or American citizens?   There is an answer to that question and it is imperative that during this lull, we arm ourselves with the knowledge of why it happened, we raise our armies of voices for the next skirmish and we prepare battle plans for the real fight which is to defeat the system that gave us the immigration reform legislation.  The battle is joined.    

Straight Talk

The 'new world order' is global communism and it is the communist system we are fighting.   That's the reason 'our' representatives are using the word democracy rather than republic when referring to our political system.  You probably didn't hear about this from your News outlets, but during the 1990's Clinton and Gore 'reinvented government' which established the mechanisms for the communist system.   Obviously, the reason for changing our form of government was because the communist agenda could never be implemented in this country if it were presented honestly.   If it wasn't apparent before the immigration reform debacle, it should be apparent now that the communist system governs by stealth and deception and to fight it, we need to understand how it is working.


Blair House Papers


The first thing to understand about this new system is that while some of the component pieces might sound good, you have to look at the system as a whole, see how it is working and decide if this is system of governing you want for your children - for America's children because we are at a pivot point in history and what we do from this point forward will determine their future. 

The following is the Clinton-Gore marketing blurb from the first Global Forum on Reinventing Government:

"At the start of the Clinton/Gore Administration, President Clinton asked Vice President Gore to work with federal employees to make the United States government work better and cost less. As a result of reinventing government initiatives led by the Vice President, the U.S. government has eliminated 250 outdated government programs, slashed more than 16,000 pages of regulations, cut more than 640,000 pages of internal rules, helped balance the federal budget for the first time in 30 years by saving more than $137 billion, and reduced the federal workforce by more than 345,000 employees, creating the smallest federal government -- as a percentage of the total workforce -- since the 1930's."

Those 345,000 federal employees might have been laid off - but the majority of jobs didn't go away - they were outsourced to private corporations.  The savings were illusory because the initial contracts were loss-leaders.  After the government departments lost the capacity to retake the work, the power of government shifted to the  corporate interests and the trade associations who speak for them (i.e. Chamber of Commerce, NAM, ITAA, etc.)  The government programs that were eliminated and the elimination of regulations gave license to these corporations to co-mingle their profit-making endeavors with the muscle of government.

In concept, the 'new governing model' is the same idea that Jeff Skilling was attempting to implement at Enron.  The idea for Enron was that they would develop the mother of all procurement systems for commodities via the internet - cutting out the middleman.   Apply that to government and you find that the idea was to replace government employees and officials with eGovernment.   That begs the question - "Who will be the proverbial 'man behind the curtain' of eGovernment?   Recalling that Clinton-Gore outsourced government functions to private corporations - especially the Information Technology (IT) jobs, that means the 'man behind the curtain' is the IT contracting corporations - IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Arthur Anderson (now Alliance), Lockheed-Martin, Price-Waterhouse, etc. and their trade organizations: ITAA, TECHNET, and their political arm: the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC).  Because the 'man behind the curtain' is the IT industry - and the goal is to build eGovernment, they defined the 'new governing model' to mimic the process of designing a new computer system as the means to interact with the citizenry to meet their requirements for government. 

Now I have to take you down into the weeds a little bit.  When a new computer system is to be built, the process involves several steps that include information gathering (requirements)  from the users of the system, producing a design to meet those requirements, and implementation which includes building the system, testing and installing it.   It's the information gathering step that we need to focus on in this journey to understand how our system of government and our lives are being 'transformed'. 

The information gathering step includes identifying the affected communities of 'users' for the purpose of gathering their requirements.   The 'Users' are the customers to the IT people and the objective is to design a system to the specifications of the Users.     The 'reinvention of government' attempts to apply this model to governing and that's where the 'Working Groups' come into play.     The Working Groups are the 'Users'.    And the output from their meetings become the requirements for the eGovernment.  If that sounds insane, then you can count yourself among the rational. 

The Immigration Reform Legislation is an example of how the new 'governance model' works.  The legislation was the work product (requirements) gathered from the Working Group on immigration reform .  That group had representatives (La Raza) from the affected community (illegal aliens).   There were no representatives for America and the American people at the table because they are not 'users' of the immigration system.  That's why the legislation was such an abortion and it is a case in point on why the new system of governance won't work - and will never work. 

The Bigger Picture

The new system of 'reinvented government' effectively removed the barriers to the communist agenda of the one world governing system as dictated by the social agencies of the United Nations.  The social agencies of the UN work through non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are the special interest groups who comprise the Working Groups.    In effect, they are the civil society Al Qaeda network and they are engaged in civil terrorism - guerilla warfare - to change the way we live, work and think.   Their objective is to eliminate national sovereignty, the concept of 'citizen' and Constitutional government to be replaced by the North American Union with a regional (continental) governing structure.   The ultimate goal is a one world system of eGovernment with the UN social agencies as the 'man behind the curtain'.     

The 'environment' was selected as the tool for the transformation and it is at the root (no pun intended) of all changes being thrust upon us.  When you apply the following definition to 'environment',  you should get an appreciation for what is at stake:

"Environment is defined comprehensively to include all relationships between humans and all that impact upon them, and all that they impact".

[Mohua Guha and Aparajita Chattopadhyay, "Environmental education: A
pathway for sustainable development
", (Caldwell, L K 1993) p. 2



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