Trendy Demons

On November 13, 2013, there was 'Washington Ideas Forum' held at the Newseum Annenberg Theatre in Washington DC.  New York columnist David Brooks was one of the speakers and his subject was "character challenges of living in a culture of achievement".  He nailed it.  He described to a T, the people that I observe when I watch C-Span and policy forums, think tank discussions, etc.  These are the people that Alex Jones calls Trendies.  That sounds too hip.  I'd prefer to call them Trendy Demons.  

I didn't have a name for them but if I were to give them one, I'd call them modern day Hitler Youth.  They are social change agents - born and bred Technocrats and Actors.  They have no heart and no soul.  They have only method, strategy, image and an agenda that was given to them that they probably don't even understand.

What David Brooks was describing is the TED culture, the "Caring Aristocracy", the human capital output of the Ivy League.  Though I consider his speech very important and one that everybody should hear, there was one thing he said that I want to focus on.  I took a clip of it that you can watch HERE.

...I'm sure you've been at do-gooder events - I was at one last week where everybody is skimming the cream.  I was at a table and there was a bunch of people who "do good" - and they do - do good...but there was somebody from Teach for America which is so hard to get into, somebody doing social entrepreneurship where they would pick out the best entrepreneurs and invest in them; there was somebody who was picking out star students from Cambodia and bringing them to universities here; there was somebody else picking out the star urban kids.... 


The entire paragraph of what David Brooks was describing contains important clues regarding the falseness of our economy and the propaganda put forth to support it.  Brooks bought into the notion of the "best and brightest" being given opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to them.  What he is actually describing is the selection of the Technocrat Army based on what is essentially a lottery system of selection.  The "winners"  are the ones who most closely fit the designed illusion of success - but who also in the backs of their minds, understand that it was luck on their part that they were selected and that things obtained through luck can go as easily as they come.  As a result, they will be "good soldiers" for the agenda - the strategic plan. 

What agenda?  I've been describing it ad nauseam - Trojan Triangles, a centrally planned economy with universities as the economic drivers, reinvention of government, the health care system redesigned for applied genetics research - BIG IDEAS that don't recognize the boundaries of the nation-state and in fact, cannot exist within the nation-state with the Ivy League universities being the designers and the beneficiaries in collusion with the other beneficiaries - corporations - all at the expense of you - the American people and most importantly, the expense of your children's future.

To the point - I zeroed in on this statement by David Brooks:  somebody who was picking out star students from Cambodia and bringing them to universities here.   

Importing "Star Students"

In the New World Order of global fascism and state economies modeled after the Communist Chinese system, the U.S. State Department accommodation is to issue unlimited foreign student visas.  This idea is somehow supposed to make America "competitive".  That's absurd on the face of it.  It conflates corporate interests with country interests.  The importation of foreigners displaces American students and disenfranchises them, it balkanizes our country and it is a betrayal - treason of the highest order and yet, there is nary a word spoken against it - except for those Americans who were displaced mid-career. 

The idea is that only the "best and brightest" from other countries are being imported.  That's a BIG LIE.  Even Community Colleges are importing foreign students such that what is really happening is reverse colonization.  It's a military strategy of occupation carried out through non-military means. 

 The other day I was doing some research on "Regional Innovation Clusters"  (their terminology turns my stomach), and I found a report prepared by Dustin Swanger, President of the Fulton-Montgomery Community College.  The title of the report is:  Community Colleges: Partners in Community Development; Approaches to Developing Our Regions.  It's a good report because it gives a brief history of community colleges and it reveals the part they are playing in the conversion of our country's economic system to a system like Communist Chinese system. 

Community Colleges: Partners in Community Development

On page 31 of that report, he talks about the requirements for Community Colleges to bring foreign students to the school.  If that isn't insult to injury then I don't know what is.  The dirty little secret of course is that this idea gains the support of local businesses because they get the benefit of free labor for a couple of months in jobs that are just vocational type jobs anyway.  And I know that for a fact, because I called a local heating and cooling company to have them come and fix my furnace.  They sent a couple of students from the local community college who pretended to be certified, professionals.  I busted them.  I may be old, but I'm not slow.  The young ones didn't know how to fix it so they sent a Russian "student" who was about 40 years old and didn't speak English - but he did know how to fix my furnace.   The owner of the business was the real certified heating and cooling specialist - and he was just kicking back taking customer calls and raking in the cash - charging full price for services provided by free labor.

On page 18 of the report, notice that he talks about Richard Florida.  Richard Florida is a Harvard graduate who specializes in "social entrepreneurship".   He's the guy who instructs economic developers on how to create trendy environments for the Trendies to exhibit their trendiness.  He's the guy who destroyed the character of Austin, Texas that Alex Jones' is always talking about.

The idea of somebody making a living designing a community for shallow, self-centered, arrogant Hitler Youth would seem unthinkable in the old America but in this Brave New World, image and illusion are everything.   The schools are training the socialist change agents so they have to create an environment where they can feel special and superior to everybody else. 

In the language of the central planners of the economy, Richard Florida works in the 'Arts and Entertainment' cluster.  In the technocratic world we are entering, everything has to be categorized, classified and codified for the computer systems.   Harvard graduate, professor and consultant, Michael Porter is the Cluster man.   I don't know whether to call Porter a Communist or a Fascist because he is both - but there is no question in my mind that he is not American in the sense of history, heart and culture.  He is the strategic central planning guru for the economy.     

In the Executive Summary of a report that was produced for the Council on Competitiveness, it says the following:

During the 1990s, Americans found a way to do what seemed no longer possible ó grow the economy, create jobs, and increase the standard of living, without driving up inflation. Much of the credit goes to the nationís ability to develop and commercialize new technology. The result: one of the most robust periods of economic expansion and prosperity of the past century.

What that tells you is that Porter essentially came to power as one of the lead Communists during the Clinton Administration - "reinvention of government"  along with his comrades, Elaine "End of Government as We've Known It" Kamarck, Ira Magaziner and other Communists.  In the polite society of academia they are called "Thought Leaders".  The Economic Development Administration (U.S. Government Agency in the Department of Commerce) is the governmental instrument through which they operate. 


A cluster study is the study of the businesses in an area so that their supply chains can be defined.  The supply chain includes inputs to the businesses (i.e. products, labor and services) and the outputs for each step in the process.  In other words - input-output tables for each business within a region. 

The use of the study is to identify the main business activities in an area in order to concentrate government support and money for those businesses - and their supply chain.   People?  Fa' get about it...  they are just inputs to business and outputs from academic institutions.   This "strategic plan" is all about efficiency and maximum profit for corporations - socializing costs and maximum profits for corporations. 

There is a website -    where you can hear Mr. Cluster **** himself talk about the cluster mapping project and output.   When you look at the map, it's not a stretch to see that the America 2050 Megaregions is the projection of population based on the idea of the cluster maps for industry - the concentrations of business and their supply chains. 


Notice on the description of the Cascadia Region description, "high tech-competencies, commitment to environmental sustainability, and creative clusters in film, music and green building.  

Creative Clusters

The collective central planning of the economy, rather obviously includes the schools as providers of the labor input for the supply chains.  The "redesign of the schools"  with hands-on vocational training is part of the central plan.   

The curricula for the schools have been designed around the concept of education clusters corresponding to the business clusters. 

Work-Based Learning

In 1990, the U.S. Labor Department initiated a project to redesign the American system of education.  Yup... that's right.  The Labor Department redesigned the American system of education.  A project was initiated called the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS).  The objective was to define all of the jobs and career paths, the educational and skill requirements for them, and ultimately to integrate "workplace skills" into education in conjunction with "work-based learning" - vocational on-the-job training for credit through the schools.

That's the reason that Clusters for Education and Clusters for Economic Development correspond.  They are part of the same project of redesigning school and work from the American system to a fascist/communist system of labor management. 

Work-Based Learning - Education Clusters  

Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS)  -   compilation of SCANS Reports

Agriculture and Health Sciences Clusters

It took me a while to put this together, and actually, it wasn't until I watched the video on the Swedish Food Valley Model that I realized, the Economic Developers in Idaho were building a "food valley" here.   Idaho has always been an agricultural state but I don't believe that when I was growing up, it was a dairy state.  But it seems to have become so and the Economic Developers are actively recruiting food and dairy related businesses for clustered development of industrial food producers in South Central Idaho.   

One of the new businesses in the cluster, a yogurt company, has a "Star Student" from Turkey as the CEO.  Through the financial assistance of the Economic Development agencies in New York and Idaho, the loans issued by the Small Business Administration, taxpayer "gifts" of land, and abatements of costs, fees and taxes, and political support from Chuckie Schumer, John Kerry, Governor Butch Otter and Mike Crapo he's gone from zero to a billion (dollars) in about seven years.   His story is the true story of the foreign entrepreneurs that are held up as show dogs to prove that the America Dream is still possible.  Michael Porter gives us some clues with his "Five Forces of Competitive Position".  Of course the "new market entrants"  are the imported foreigners which sets up the rivalry - essentially turning our country into a giant soccer stadium for the amusement of the Trendy Demons of the Ivy League.

This is kind of a tangential view of "competitiveness" in a paper that discusses environmental regulation and "competitiveness" including a reference to Al Gore, Michael Porter, the World Bank and the European Commission - all in the same sentence.   Environmental Regulation and International Competitiveness   


Vicky Davis
November 23, 2013

P.S. What set me off was not just David Brooks presentation at the Washington Ideas Forum, it was also a panel discussion on the U.S. "strategic global competitiveness" that includes Michael Porter.  With thought leadership like this, the U.S. can't fail to be the losers in this "global competition".     (And for what are we competing?  To be the most backward?  The most illiterate?   The most slavish?  To be the most controlled?   To be the most stupid?)