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North American Union

Treason on the Installment Plan


Table Of Contents

1.  What Is The North American Union?
             A.  NAFTA - History in Bulletins (NAFTA Monitor)
             B.  Paul Likoudis - "To See Details on North American Union"
             C.  CSIS - North American Future 2025  (CSIS traitors since 1985)
Incremental Steps to the North American Union
             E.  Condi and The Council
2.  Hemispheric Integration - International Corridors
A.  NAFTA Super High-Tech Superhighway
Dispelling the Myth of the Urban Legend
Regionalism - The Strategy    
             A.  Creating New Regions in the U.S.
             B.  Regionalism in Kansas
             C.  Regionalism and Education
             D.  Carving a Path to [North American] Regional Governance
Regionalism - Path to Global Collectivism
             F.  Regionalism and UNI
             G.  Regional Initiatives in the West
             H.  Multilateralism and Regionalism: Enhancing Integration

4.  Trade and Migration
 A.  Confronting Threat on the Border - Cong. Rpt
5.  Harmonization of Laws (aka "Deep Integration")
6.  NAFTA - Chapter 11 - "The Blackmail Government Provision"
Merging Financial Systems and Currency
8.  Working Groups  
9.  International Cities

10.  September 11, 2001
11.  Indian Separatist Movement


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Legislative Action


The power of the U.S. government to govern the U.S. was essentially transferred to the United Nations - International Comintern  in 1975 with the signing of the Helsinki Final Act.

It has EVERYTHING in it.  Trade, Migration, SPP, Environment, Disarmament, Transportation,  Standardization, Harmonization, everything.   If we want to be a free country again, we MUST GET OUT of the United Nations - and dissolve ALL of these international agreements.

Text of the Helsinki Final Act

OSCE Website - Helsinki Final Act Information Page



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