Immigration Debate:  The Rest of the Story


This morning I sent out an email alert (below) on a staged debate on the immigration legislation.  Both debaters actually support the same program (Guest Worker) that is being presented as an immigration issue but it's a lot more than that.  It's really a trade issue and a sovereignty issue.   Here's the rest of the story. 

The State Department issues unlimited student visas for foreign students.  That's why our American students are being priced out of a college education and why foreign students have taken over the graduate programs because it's not merit - it's the money.  I suspect that for the last two decades, these foreign students who were admitted to go to school, have not left the country after school ended.  Because - gee... they just forgot to keep track of these people and neglected to have an exit system, we've had what amounts to an Administrative Coup d'etat.  So.. if they give amnesty, it won't just be the Mexicans.  It is the Middle Easterners, Indians and Chinese who will also get amnesty.  The estimates of the numbers of people who will be given amnesty are as honest as the people who broke the system to begin with - NOT.

Undoubtedly, the unlimited student visas are issued because of the 'Knowledge Trade Initiative' - emphasis on Trade.  What they've done is to basically turn our universities into businesses that have tax-exempt status.  Big money is being made and it goes right into the pension and investment funds of the professors and to their endowment funds which of course, incentivizes the banks and Wall Street to support the entire rotten scheme. 

Background:  In March of 2000, Bill Clinton made a trip to India to launch the 'Knowledge Trade Initiative'.  The following is what I wrote when I discovered it but hadn't put the full story together yet.  I found it when I found that George W. Bush signed an agreement with Vajpayee of India on (get this)  November 9, 2001 
11-9  9-11 (yes.. that is significant:

The U.S.-India Business Council and the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) are pleased to announce the Knowledge Trade Forum, the culminating event of the Knowledge Trade Initiative (KTI), to be held in Bangalore, India, November 29-30, 2001.

The KTI was launched during President Clinton’s trip to India in March 2000, and was subsequently organized under the auspices of the USIBC and FICCI. The KTI is a bilateral forum between India and the U.S. to discuss key issues affecting the trade of knowledge-based products and services between the two countries. The KTI aims to solidify Indo-US leadership in the knowledge economy by harmonizing bilateral positions on key issues affecting knowledge trade.

The Forum will pull together key industry and government stakeholders from India and the U.S. focusing on knowledge-based industries. The American delegation will be led by USIBC Chairman Ambassador Frank Wisner Jr., Vice-Chairman AIG, and Chairman of the Knowledge Trade Initiative, Dean O’Hare, CEO of The Chubb Corporation.

A "Hollywood meets Bollywood" extravaganza will kick off the proceedings on November 29th, followed by a full day of events on November 30th focusing in particular on four tracks: IT services, biotechnology, e-entertainment, and bridging the digital divide. Workshops will take place throughout the day on topics including: accessing venture capital, entrepreneurial success stories, and proven paths to success in the IT outsourcing space. There will also be a contest for the most innovative way to deliver communications access, with an award of $10,000 going to the winner as determined by a distinguished international panel.

The Forum will also provide the backdrop for the presentation of the final report of the KTI. The KTI has formed a series of working groups to consider key policy areas that affect the trade in knowledge-based products and services. Over 150 international experts in each of their fields have met regularly over the past months coming up with policy recommendations for India and the U.S. to secure their positions as leaders of the new economy.

(Actually - India is the leader of the new economy because this trade initiative is draining our country of knowledge jobs)

Knowledge Trade Initiative



Clinton - MOU

Clinton Press Release

Saved Web pages from the Department of Commerce website

Statement of Principles

Stimulating High Tech Trade

U.S.-India Talks

"Export America - The Federal source for your outsourcing needs"     local pdf





So, now that we've exposed the fraud of the immigration debate, let's look at the provisions of the World Trade Organization that the U.S. Senate ratified and Bill Clinton signed to sell-out our country to this global system the result of which is the end of nation-states - especially the developed world nation-states like ours.  It only goes one way because nobody wants to immigrate to a third world trash dump...   they'd like to turn our country into one.

The World Trade Organization is a "Related Organization" of the United Nations.  A world trade organization was always one of the planned key organizations for the United Nations.  We know that because the first attempt to ratify a treaty to create it was in 1948 under the name of International Trade Organization.  The Senate at that time refused to ratify it because of sovereignty issues.  From 1950 until 1994 when the treaty to create the World Trade Organization (WTO) was ratified, the largest countries of the United Nations (G7) met (Bretton Woods agreement) and agreed to Trade Rounds that incrementally brought harmonization and created the international legal framework for the WTO.  

The following is from a research page I did at another time when I was chasing this rabbit down the hole.  As you can see from the WTO's statement about their organization, it included "goods and services".  That's very important  -  keep it in mind.   

"The World Trade Organization (WTO) is the only global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations. At its heart art the WTO agreements negotiated and signed by the bulk of the world's trading nations and ratified in their parliaments. The goal is to help producers of goods and services, exporters, and importers conduct their business."   WTO.. What is

(Side note:  the Fair Tax is a goods and services tax.  The tax on goods and services is the harmonized global taxation system - with corporations being the primary tax collectors.)

Stay with me now..

A service is a person or a job.  A doctor, lawyer, IT Consultant, construction worker, engineer, all perform a service and as such, under the World Trade Organization agreements, there is free movement across borders for "goods and services". 

Get it?   Quite the joke on the American people isn't it?    And how did they manage to do it?  Through unlimited student visas through the State Department. 

WTO - Movement of Natural Persons

That's why they need to have the so-called 'Guest Worker' program.  It's a smoke screen for the United Nations / World Trade Organization  nation-breaking, open borders system of migration as commodities of trade in the services category.   I've written a lot about it at various times as I put the pieces of this puzzle together so there is some redundancy:

Guest Worker Program

Save Act Won't Save Us

International Trade and Migration  (captured webpage)

So, now you know that when they talk about this immigration legislation limiting the number of people who will get amnesty, they are lying to you because it's not an immigration issue.  It's a trade issue - and they can't...  repeat   CANNOT stop it because the agreement that created the World Trade Organization is a TREATY  and that's why we need to get out of the United Nations and out of the World Trade Organization. 

And one more thing to add a little incentive for you...   these foreign graduates who are staying here as a result of the Knowledge Trade Initiative and the World Trade Organization, are the people who are manning the systems "protecting our critical infrastructure" and more than likely, they will be your doctor if you should happen to need one - and with your medicine coming from China.  Just a few more little jokes on you.   


Vicky Davis
June 23, 2013

Email from this morning:

If you haven't had your weekly quota of stupidity, propaganda and irritation, then I would suggest that you watch the re-run of C-Span Washington Journal. The subject is a debate of the immigration bill. Setting aside the immigration issue for a minute, it's a lesson in staging and propaganda.

Guest 1: Alex Nowrasteh of the Cato Institute - he supports the immigration bill

Guest 2: Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation - he opposes the immigration bill

Briefly, Alex Nowrasteh is an idiot. Robert Rector is intelligent, articulate and makes sense in what he says.

It wasn't until right at the end - after discussion of all the issues concerning illegal aliens being defined as Mexicans (by implication mostly) and the borders, that Robert Rector voiced his support for the Guest Worker program (system). So.. both participants of this so-called debate, support the Guest Worker System.

The objective of the legislation - with or without amnesty is the Guest Worker System. Note from the Systems point of view, you can't manage a Guest Worker Program without managing the domestic labor market. The integrated school-workforce development system is the supply chain of domestic labor into the labor market - the Guest Worker program will be used to control both supply and wages in the domestic labor market. If you can control supply, you can control wages.

And there you have it.... A government/communist management system for the labor market. This is one system of the corporate designed government. It commodifies labor - with imported labor just as good as domestic labor and probably better because it's cheaper and will drive the price down even further. Citizenship? Quaint concept from the past.

(They've been trying to pass legislation for a Guest Worker program since 2005. It's mostly for Indians (from India) and Chinese - not Mexicans.)