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November 2009 Archive



The Influence of Marxism in the United States Today

Parallel Universe - "Amalgamation of Cultures"   "Battle of Ideas"

VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO (for offline)    Sir James Goldsmith 1994, Charlie Rose

WTO Senate Debates and Speeches on GATT/WTO

Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2009



Job Destruction Newsletter - 11/24/2009 
Research paints ugly IT employment picture: Almost 2 million jobs gone in 14 years
[Indian] Tech companies eye $1 billion pie on US recovery
Lou Dobbs - Exporting America - List

"in the communist ideology" education is tied directly to jobs -- control of the job being the critical control point in an authoritarian state."
-- Eugene Maxwell Boyce, Professor of Educational Administration at the University of Georgia, The Coming Revolution in Education, 1983

Idaho Statesman:  Minnick, other freshmen Democrats, propose rehaul to workforce training

Rep. Walt Minnick, D-Idaho, has introduced a bill that he says would bring major reform to federal job-training programs by prioritizing training and education that helps workers become certified for a new career.

"We must do a better job of aligning education and job training to the career pathways available in the 21st century economy," Minnick wrote in a letter to colleagues. "The best way to prepare today’s students for the reality of the modern workforce is to offer training in industry-recognized skills.”

H.R. 4072 - America Works Act

United Nations Compendium of Recommendations on International Migration and Development: The United Nations Development Agenda and the Global Commission on International Migration Compared. United Nations. New York . 2006. v, 121 p. (ST/ESA/SER.A/255)
Sales No. E.06.XIII.7. ISBN 92-1-151422-3.   large pdf

Principles of Action - Page 87 (Adobe 95)

I. Migrating out of choice: Migration and the global economy
Women, men and children should be able to realize their potential, meet their needs, exercise
their human rights and fulfill their aspirations in their country of origin, and hence migrate out of
choice, rather than necessity. Those women and men who migrate and enter the global labour
market should be able to do so in a safe and authorized manner, and because they and their
skills are valued and needed by the states and societies that receive them. 

II. Reinforcing economic and developmental impact
The role that migrants play in promoting development and poverty reduction in countries of origin,
as well as the contribution they make towards the prosperity of destination countries, should be
recognized and reinforced. International migration should become an integral part of national,
regional and global strategies for economic growth, in both the developing and developed world.

III. Addressing irregular migration
States, exercising their sovereign right to determine who enters and remains on their territory,
should fulfill their responsibility and obligation to protect the rights of migrants and to re-admit
those citizens who wish or who are obliged to return to their country of origin. In stemming
irregular migration, states should actively cooperate with one another, ensuring that their efforts
do not jeopardize human rights, including the right of refugees to seek asylum. Governments
should consult with employers, trade unions and civil society on this issue.

IV. Strengthening social cohesion through integration
Migrants and citizens of destination countries should respect their legal obligations and benefit
from a mutual process of adaptation and integration that accommodates cultural diversity and
fosters social cohesion. The integration process should be actively supported by local and
national authorities, employers and members of civil society, and should be based on a
commitment to non-discrimination and gender equity. It should also be informed by an objective
public, political and media discourse on international migration.

V. Protecting the rights of migrants
The legal and normative framework affecting international migrants should be strengthened,
implemented more effectively and applied in a non-discriminatory manner, so as to protect the
human rights and labour standards that should be enjoyed by all migrant women and men.
Respecting the provisions of this legal and normative framework, states and other stakeholders
must address migration issues in a more consistent and coherent manner.

VI. Enhancing governance: Coherence, capacity and cooperation
The governance of international migration should be enhanced by improved coherence and
strengthened capacity at the national level; greater consultation and cooperation between states
at the regional level, and more effective dialogue and cooperation among governments and
between international organizations at the global level. Such efforts must be based on a better
appreciation of the close linkages that exist between international migration and development and other key policy issues, including trade, aid, state security, human security and human rights.

The Ghost of Morganthau Haunts Our House

Climate Change Fraud -  "Climate Gate"

James Delingpole - UK Telegraph
Russia Today - British MP Peter Lilly   ( Audio Clip)      YouTube Link for full Interview

The Day Global Warming Stood Still
Senator Jim Inhofe will call for investigation

Parallel Universe - "Amalgamation of Cultures"   "Battle of Ideas"

Red Team - Blue Team   =   Purple

"The first year of global governance" - video clip of EU President Herman Van Rompuy




11/17/2009 Collage - Economic Warfare and Corporate Takeover of America

Treasury Secretary John Snow, 2004 Speech to Press Club   (Webpage - Crimes Against Reality)

Audio Clip

Stock Market and Accounting Fraud of late 1990's and early 2000

2004 - Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin - Accounting Fraud, IRS, 1990's Robert Rubin Treasury Secretary - IRS Modernization Program

Audio Clip       - Accounting Fraud to cover economic warfare   (Webpage - Administrative Coup)


Prof. Allison Stanger, Rohatyn Center for International Affairs   

Youtube video clip - Corporate Diplomacy - before Bush

Audio Clip           from Book TV presentation on her book, "One Nation Under Contract:  The Outsourcing of American Power and the Future of Foreign Policy"   Link to Book TV for entire program         (Defense of Fascism)  


Andrew Ross Sorkin, from Book TV presentation on his book, "Too Big to Fail"

Audio Clip           Meeting in Moscow - June 2008

Privatization of National Security

Government for Profit


11/12/2009 Bloomberg:  APEC Praises China's Role in Stoking Growth


War in the Context of Everything Else - Redux

What is 'War in the Context of Everything Else'?

The Knowledge Gap   1994 update

Complete Report - Global Systems 1995, Brussels

9-11 -->  Follow the Systems and You'll Find the Money and the Perpetraitors

Summits of the Americas

Samuel "Sandy" Berger - Nexus between 9/11 and North American Union

Transformation - George Tenet

Game Theory

Did Positive Thinking Crash Our Economy? - Video - Fora TV   

Edge Runners


11/10/2009 Digital Green Hoax -  

Club of Rome:   First Global Revolution

Global 2000 Report, Commissioned by Jimmy Carter

"I am directing the Council on Environmental Quality and the Department of State, working in cooperation with... other appropriate agencies, to make a one-year study of the probable changes in the world's population, natural resources, and environment through the end of the century."   President Jimmy Carter, May 23, 1977

Threshold 21 Millennium

The Beginnings of System Dynamics

Global 2000 - Revisited

Global Environmental Governance Conference 

Senator Joe Biden - New World Order Speeches

Knowledge Gap Continued    1994
35. The globalization of national economies has increased the challenge of harmful tax competition. As stated in the Lyon communique, tax schemes aimed at attracting financial and other geographically mobile activities can create harmful tax competition between states, carrying risks of distorting trade and investment, and could lead to the erosion of national tax bases. Harmful tax competition also undermines the fairness and neutrality of the tax system. Hence we attach great importance to the work undertaken by the OECD. We hope that the OECD can produce its conclusions and recommendations on this subject in time for our consideration at next year's Summit.

Corbett Report - Episode 103 on the Smart Grid


11/05/09 Same As 11/03/09  - 

Book TV Video - 'Updated link - "The Next Government of the United States: Why Our Institutions Fail Us and How to Fix them"    Donald Kettl


11/03/09 World Game of Chaos

Madelyn Albright - Stonebridge International

Madelyn Albright - Stonebridge-International  Press Release June 2009

Samuel "Sandy" Berger - Nexus between 9/11 and North American Union

Summits of the Americas

9-11 -->  Follow the Systems and You'll Find the Money and the Perpetraitors

Transformation - George Tenet

Game Theory

Edge Runners

Terrorism Games