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The Technocratic Tyranny      

Refugee Resettlement:  The Dirty Little Secret

The Road to Benghazi:

Part 1 - Intro
Libya:  The Clowns Come To Town
Benghazi:  The Business of War

The SAG Syndicate Paradox

The Empty Chair

Legislature and the Sob Sisters Circus

Background on S.1067 - Integrating the Hague Convention into State Law

The Bridge to Serfdom

Government Services for Foreign Workers

Knowledge Gap - Updated Links

Uniform Corruption through Institutional Inertia

The Federal Extortion Racket

Ways and Means of Sedition

Stealth Ratification - End Run Around the Senate

Institutionalized Corruption in the Spotlight      

Refugees as Weapons -

      Part 1 - The Refugee Weapons System
      Part 2 -
International Rescue Committee
      Part 3 -
In the Shadows of the Zone
      Part 4 -
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
      Part 5 -
Crusade of the Administrators
Part 6 - The Treasonous Bitches of Babylon
      Part 7 - Jihadis Without Borders (Part 1)
       Part 8 -
Civilization Rights

      Part 9 - America as a Dumping Ground
      Part 10 - Boise - "A Welcoming Community"
      Part 11 -
The Conclusion

External Story - UN, Syrian Refugees

Conquest by System

One Toke Over The Line

Vicky Rants:  Privatize Your Way to Communism


Mr. Big - Edicts from the Mountain

Schools as a Takeover Target

The Dysfunction of Functional Organization

The Global Strategy

Reflexive Law:  Case for a Citizen Grand Jury

The Trinity:  Philosophy, Policy, and Mechanism

Smart Grid:  The Rest of the Story

And the solution is.... TECHNOLOGY!

A Preview of Coming Attractions

Illegal Invasion:  State Sponsored Terrorism As a Tool for Change Management

Climate for Change

Quislings, Propaganda and the Big Lie:  Climate Change!!!

The Grand Design

Mind of the Time

Deja Vu All Over Again

The "Market" Racket

New World Order - Scientific Dictatorship NITRD dot gov

Third Way Revolution

World Trade and International Agreements

War for the Technorati

Communist Core for International Fascism

Termites and Traitors

A Royal Intercept

Engineering the Global Economy

Understanding the Trojan Triangle

Identifying the Cross-Dressers

The Meme Stream Media

Nazi Germany Re-Run and the Third Worldization of American Health Care

The Big Disconnect

Father Mao Knows Best

Comparative Advantage

Trendy Demons

From Ivy League Policy Rackets to Treason to Crimes Against Humanity

New World Order Compilation

World War III

The Multinational Extortion Racket

Vicky Rants:  Job 1:  Soak the Taxpayers

Heads They Win, Tails You Lose

Vicky Rants:  Double Down

Vicky Rants:  Misalignment of Interests

Vicky Rants:  Backtracking to the Point of Failure

Vicky Rants:  Automated Revolution

Immigration Debate: The Rest of the Story

The Big Lie

Agenda 21 - Full Report

Agenda 21 - Links and Info for June 12, 2013

Big Blue Corporatism

Fusion Centers

Jacob Javits - On the Record

Vicky Rants:  IRS Targeting Tea Party?

La Paz:  U.S.-Mexico Regionalism

Strategy for Empire

Cyprus - 1995 Barcelona Declaration - Action Plan including UN and W.Terror.O edicts for technocratic tyranny and global "governance"

Systemic Corruption and Collectivism

Syndicated Tyranny

The Zone of Insanity

Joe Biden's New World Order Speech - 3 Parts, 1992

The Threshold of the New World Order - June 29, 1992  
        The Wilsonian Vision and American Foreign Policy in the
                1990's and Beyond    
American Agenda for the New World Order - June 30, 1992 
        A.  Cementing the Democratic Foundation;
        B.  Forging a New Strategy of Containment

American Agenda for the New World Order - July 1, 1992 
        C.  Organizing for Collective Security
        D.  Launching an Economic-Environmental Revolution

Trojans on the March

Subordination of National Sovereignty

Assault on Consciousness

The Benghazi Bamboozle

Complete and General Disarmament

Fiscal Cliff Drama and the "Illusion Window"

War Without Bullets

Sun Tzu's War

Supply Chain Extortion

World Order

Vicky Rants:  Connectivity Con

The Method of Subversion

Producing Standard Issue From the Odd Lot Factory

The True Nature of Fascism

Vicky Rants:  Decade of Irrelevance

General Motors is becoming China Motors by Vince Wade

Descent of Mankind

Quisling Facilitation for Red China Continues in Idaho

Time for a Power Rebellion?  Utilities Plan Rate Hikes

Vicky Rants:  Irony of Ironies

Collapsing Local Government

Vicky Rants:  Training Boss Hawg

BOLO Alert!   Al Trada Spotted in DC!

The Model IS the Message

UN Agenda 21 "sustainable development" introduced in Congress

Street Theatre Prelude

Trail of Treason

Foreign Entrepreneurs as Cover for Subversive Activities

Extraordinary Times

Redrawing Boundaries for a New Management Structure

Vicky Rants:  Ports in the Desert

The Unfinished Agenda   *****  MUST READ  *****

Immigration as a Racket

What is the New World Order?

EB-5 Regional Centers

Slave Worker System Exposed

Vicky Rants:  Territory of Babel

One Man Awake by Rosann

White Collar War

Vicky Rants:   Uniformity is the root of all evil

EB-5 Investor Visa -  BUYING American Citizenship   7/14/2011   

The Falling Star - (story in progress)   ** new section added 6/20 **
Thinking About...Global Cities

"The Next Generation of Workforce Development"  NGA publication

"Negative Shadow of the Future"

The American Cash Cow

Oklahoma:   Genetics ~ Eugenics - Coming Out

The Innovation Agenda

America's Choice -  Rep. Paul Ryan's Budget

Vicky Rants:  The OECD Puppet Masters

"Capitalizing on Complexity"  (pdf)

Pennsylvania Crier - Congressional Record, February 21, 1958
The Relationship Between Free Trade, Free Immigration and World Government"  

Invitation to Terror     

Economic Warfare Graphic  (in-progress)

Dear Idaho State Legislators   (yes... it was sent)

PPP Links

The Evil Clown Club

The Great Irish Miracle:  An Economic Hologram

Revolution -- Devolution

Oklahoma Breach

Blueprint for a Coup   Original  9/25/2009

The Yoke of Control

Systems Thinking and the Perpetual Loop

Flim-Flaming Our Way to Perfection

Simon Says...

Houma, LA Incident Command Post

Technocratic Coup d'Etat

End of the Nation-State

Logical Substitution Clears the Fog

The Technocratic Tyranny

The Libertarian Disease

How Communists Came to Control Our Government


Chamber of Horrors

The Second BIG BANG 

Department of Peace:  Pulpit for Peddlers of Global Government? 

Alert - Delegation of Police Powers Explained

Alert - Draft Legislation for Delegation of Police Powers

9/11 Analysis          (Updated January 27, 2010)

Shadow Government

Law of the Land

Zomb eCon oMe

Dada Nation, Dada Net

War Time Reorganization

The Enemy Within

Knowledge Gap - Work in Progress

Blueprint for a Coup

Protection Racketeering is the Growth Industry in the U.S.

Consumption Tax on Sweet Beverages

American Military as Hostages

CFR - Global Governance Program, World Order in the 21st Century

CFR - Global Governance Program Home Page

September 8, 2000, Millennium Declaration calling for 'Global Governance'

The September 11, 2001 Dialectic

Everything is 'For Sale' in America

The Ghost of Morganthau Haunts Our House

America the Corrupt

Moonie Pelosi:  Inventory Everything

Government is a Racket

Digital Counterfeiting

Breaking Through the Mind Barriers

AIG and Goldman Sachs: Partners in the Crime?

Green School Initiative - ALERT

Global Green Treason

Solution Time for the Pandemic Dialectic

AIG's War on America


Organization of Power

The Organization of Power - Part 1
The Organization of Power - Part 2
The Organization of Power - Part 3
The Organization of Power - Part 4
The Organization of Power - Part 5
& 6 & 7

Traitors and Termites - Org of Power - 8 

Organization of Money

Rule of Law - Global Totalitarianism

Creative Treason
Keeping Up Appearances
From Here to Eternity

What's Past is Prologue
Empire of the Black Robes
Empire of the Black Robes - Part 2
Brave New World

National Dystrophy:  The 21st Century Disease

Digital Opportunities


The Energy Swindle & Regulatory

The Heart of Darkness in the Power of Light
Pool, Politics and War By Other Means
Where the Bodies Are Buried
Regulatory Racketeering
Nightmares by Design
Energy in the New World  (Links Here)

Patrick Wood - Intro to Technocracy, Video

Hoku in Idaho
Idaho Power Renewable Energy Fraud



Reagan's Insurgency from Within

Libertarians and the Rise of Technocratic Fascism

Reason is the Reason for Treason

Logical Islands

OK-SAFE Researcher's Summit

The Syndicate


Reinvention of America

Part 1   Introduction
Part 2 - Revolution:  An Inside Job
Part 3 - Achieve the Impossible
Part 4 - Public Policy for Private Profit
Part 5 - Behind the iCurtain    

Part 6 - Fascism By Any Other Name  

Part 7 - Alliance for Redesigning Gov   
Part 8 - The Jigsaw Puzzle 

Reinvention - OECD Notes

The Stalking Horse  (pdf)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Epilog - The Starting Point



Common Market for the Americas

Operation Pan America
Alliance for Progress
La Paz:  U.S.-Mexico Regionalism



 "Battle of Ideas and Systems"

Declaration of War, December 7, 1988
Democracy as the Trojan Horse
World of Opposites
Decision Point

War in the Context of Everything Else

Bad Seed from Tennessee
Slave Masters Rise Again
The Global Ponzi Scheme
Digital Coup d'etat


Threads of Destruction and Delusion

Part 1- Intro



























































"If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth programme, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of super-rich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead, it becomes logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs.

Communism or more accurately, socialism, is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite." ~ Gary Allen


* Technotalitarianism - not my word, I got it from Will Roberts but I wish I had thought of it because it's the perfect description for what is taking place in the world today.  The Internet is a global corporate backbone.  The Controllers of the Internet have a monopoly on commerce, the financial industry, education, health, "security", critical infrastructure process control systems - every digit that traverses the fiber for any purpose.  Software has become a weapon in the hands of power mad psychopaths.    Nobody... no group of people should have such power.